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30 May 2019 in

Infinity never stands still, whether it’s bringing you Europe’s first Conversation Analytics suite, being the world’s first call intelligence provider to offer fully encrypted SIP calls, or building our brand new Hub, we’re always working on new ways to surface the data contained within conversations. This may include large updates that push the possibilities of call tracking forward significantly, or more functional ones to ensure our clients have the smoothest experience possible.

For the past few months we’ve been working hard to add new features and functionality to our Hub, letting you do more in less time. Here’s a summary of the key changes you will be seeing very soon (or even now).

Coming up

We’re dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s on these updates, which we will be launching throughout early June.

Keyword Spotting Groups

Infinity-Blog-Hub-Keyword-Spotting-Groups.png Want to see this in more depth? Start a conversation with us to see it in full.

Within Conversation Analytics, Keyword Groups are now available to logically categorise your keywords into areas of interest, such as Competitors and Products.

This allows you to report on their presence at a broader, higher level and conduct wide research at scale, rather than collating this data solely at a granular keyword level.

Keyword Spotting Filtering


In addition to grouping, Keyword Spotting filters are now available on the Hub Call Logs to identify calls that mentioned particular keywords, or the presence of your broader Keywords Groups based on score, count, or the individual keyword that was spotted.

This will help speed up searches for calls that matter to you.

Tracked Sites


With the introduction of Tracked Sites, you will now be able to manipulate what you consider to be the start point (or a continuation of) the visitor journey, by defining what domains and paths constitute your website’s ecosystem. This is useful for brands with large digital estates, a mix of brands, or distinguished offerings (such as B2B and B2C products).

If the domain and path are in the list of Tracked Sites, the visitor’s first interaction will be considered a Pageview. If it isn’t in the list, it’ll be considered a traditional Land.

Fixed Number Usage Report


This updated report makes it easier to collate and access data surrounding your fixed numbers, including all calls to them. This will enable you to further understand the call traffic your fixed numbers generate and optimise their usage.

Download call recordings in the Hub

To help streamline your use of Infinity, you can now download call recordings in the Hub from anywhere that you can see a call recording. This includes the Call Log, the call playback bar, the Call Details page, or the call in the Visitor trace.

Automatically check for new log data

This new feature provides a visual alert to notify you when the log you’re viewing has received new data. You can simply click the refresh button in the alert, the new data will appear and you’ll always stay on top.

Available now

These updates have already gone live for Infinity clients, do speak to our support team or your customer success manager if you’d like to find out more about using them.

Contextual Metrics


When exploring the logs within the Hub, you’ll always be able to see the marketing source for the event you’re looking at, such as the originating channel of a visit or the keyword of a call.

With Contextual Metrics, you’ll now be able to click to see fast, additional data around how the marketing source of a particular event is performing in context to your current view.

For example, you know a call originated from a certain paid search campaign, but how is that campaign performing across the board for the date range you’re looking at?

Filter call ratings

We’ve added the ability to filter the call log by call rating, so you quickly find the calls that were given the rating in question, and verify that it was indeed a sale, for example.

Number Formatting

We’ve added some colour to the Hub in the form of little country flags next to the caller ID, which let you easily identify the country from which the call originated. This will help you get a quick overview of international activity at a glance.

There’s more to come

As we mentioned earlier, our platform is constantly developing. This is based on both user feedback and wider visions for how we see how Infinity and call intelligence technology fits into business’ challenges in the years ahead.

Please get in contact with us if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see us develop. Alternatively, if you are not yet an Infinity client, start a conversation with us to see the benefits call intelligence brings to your marketing, operations, and contact centre teams.

Chris Sedlmayr

Chris Sedlmayr

Product Director
Passionate about solving business problems with our technology, and pushing Infinity forward in all areas. Proud husband and father of two.

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