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    Discover what's really working.
    Track precisely which channels are responsible for calls, as well as the keywords, sources, and web pages that played a role. CRM integrations also track revenue back to specific activity, highlighting where to spend your budget and where to cut back.

  • Attribution

    Track calls from online and offline.
    Any channel where you are using a phone number needs to be tracked to assign the impact it's having. Infinity provides both dynamic and fixed numbers to suit whatever marketing strategy you wish and ensures you know the effect it's having.

  • Global

    From local to global.
    Whether you need local phone numbers for segmenting your location-based marketing, or want to implement call tracking across worldwide activity, Infinity has you covered. We support over 75 countries covering Europe, The Americas, Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

  • Journey

    See the full online journey.
    Learn which pages a caller has viewed, on multiple visits, and find answers to the customer journey questions that matter to you. Gain a true understanding of what's driving ROI, and how you can generate more with call tracking.

Conversation Analytics

What was the real impact?

Once you know where your calls came from, you need to know what happened on them. Did you drive a sale, enquiry, or a booking? Are callers mentioning high value products? How are they talking about your brand? Infinity’s
Conversation Analytics platform will highlight what matters.

Discover more

Complement your
marketing tech stack

For seamless, informed marketing, Infinity easily integrates with over 45 software partners, such as Google, Adobe, Salesforce, Webtrends, Optimizely, Qubit and plenty more. Automate actions at scale in confidence that it's powered by data you can rely on. Our integrations cover a mix of areas:

  • Analytics
  • Tag management
  • PPC bids
  • Social media platforms
  • AB testing
  • Affiliates

"Knowing where our return on advertising spend is working best is a truly beneficial insight and has become one of our most vital metrics."

James Morgan
Head of Digital | Sk:n

Contact centre integration

Vital data on why people call your business is locked within contact centres, and unfortunately most marketing departments aren't tapping into these pivotal insights.

Infinity makes gathering the customer journeys and call quality straightforward, giving you clear guidance on how to optimise your marketing.

See the contact centre and marketing technology platforms Infinity partners with.

Call intelligence can be transformational to your business. Contact us today.

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