YoY uplift in sales from PPC



Reduction in cost-per-acquisition



Increase in budget for ad spend


Send campaign performance soaring with call analytics

Fill in your biggest attribution blind spot and we’ll work with you to make sure you’re investing smartly and getting credit for all the ROI you drive.


Eliminate wasted budget and maximise ROAS


Keep your pipeline full


Nail your messaging and boost conversion rates


Demonstrate your true impact


Before the call

Infinity call tracking will help you see which campaigns, channels, and keywords make customers pick up the phone and buy so you can make better calls when deciding where to invest.

Make your PPC, SEO, and Paid Social activity work much harder.

You’ll never waste a penny of your budget again. And, because you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate the ROI of your marketing campaigns, unlocking investment for future campaigns will become a piece of cake.

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During the call

Infinity will help you get your hands on the purest form of customer insight. By automatically monitoring and listening to calls at scale, Conversation Analytics will feed you the unfiltered truth from your customers.

You’ll be able to spot and capitalise on emerging trends that usually get missed. And by deepening your understanding of customers, you’ll keep your campaigns relevant and cost-effective.

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After the call

With Infinity, you can make ‘Smarter’ marketing decisions by pinpointing your most valuable sales calls and where they’re coming from.

In just a few clicks, Smart Match will show the real impact of your campaigns and help you make smarter decisions about which channels and keywords you should be investing in.

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After switching Infinity on, the marketing team at Specsavers could see things clearly, which gave performance a big boost.


in CPA


Boost in rate of PPC visits that led to calls


Increase in home visit booking calls


Click, ring, kerching!

Learn how to tap into your call data to guarantee that every ‘ring-ring’ is followed by a ‘kerching!’ with our Smart Guide.

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Call data where you need it

Infinity for marketers integrates with your existing marketing analytics, bid management, automation tools, and CRM for enhanced reporting and further optimisation of campaigns.

Over 45+ integrations and our easy-to-use API will let you get your call intelligence where you need it.

Data destinations

Learn how to master Infinity for marketers


Get all your call data in GA4

Discover how to measure calls like clicks in GA4. It’s simpler than you think! Discover how


Getting started with call tracking

Find out how you to start unlocking the benefits of call tracking in 5 steps. Grab your cheat sheet


Make your PPC more profitable

Learn to build a wicked feedback loop with call data that’ll power up PPC performance. Get your guide

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