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A partnership from pitch to performance

Boost your value to your clients

Modern agencies of all sizes are expected to provide needle-moving results, with trustworthy proof of their effectiveness. Call tracking not only proves your results, the intelligence Infinity provides also powers continuous improvement to drive sales and optimise marketing spend. Hundreds of agencies are regularly winning new business in partnership with Infinity, why not join us?

Whether you are part of a large international group, or a specialist digital agency, our partner programme has been built with these responsibilities in mind, allowing you to pitch and perform with confidence.

Wavemaker Global

"Infinity is a great and simple way of seeing which channels, campaigns and keywords are driving calls."

Guillermo Dvorak
Planning Director | Wavemaker Global

  1. Accountability

    Prove you're delivering results

    Build trust with your clients by proving that your marketing efforts are generating real results, and assign every phone call to the source responsible.

  2. ROI

    Connect activity to revenue

    Link every penny earned from phone calls to the marketing activities and digital touchpoints that lead towards that sale, highlighting the value you bring to your clients.

  3. Integrate

    Many leading tech partners

    Infinity has over 45 integrations with major software providers, making it a hassle-free addition to your tech stack. See our list of integrations here.

  4. Training

    Get up to speed, fast

    Your team have access to our product and sales training sessions, and clients have access to our world-class Customer Success programme, plus specialised training tailored to your specific needs.

What our partners say

  1. "Infinity is well integrated with AdWords and their support team has worked hard with our agency, Mediacom, to give us vital insights."

    Simone Pignatelli
    Senior Digital Acquisition Manager | British Gas Business
  2. "We use Infinity with all of our clients, who want to maximise their return on competitive PPC keywords, and ensure that they have the full view on how their marketing spend is performing."

    Steve Tarbard
    Founder | Beyond Clicks
  3. "Infinity has made the world of difference for easy reporting and time-saving insights which are easy to pull from the platform and links perfectly with DoubleClick and Google Analytics."

    Guillermo Dvorak
    Planning Director | Wavemaker Global
  4. "Infinity truly is the best platform out there today. I really like the user friendly dashboards and navigation, the ease of setting up new campaigns and great customer support."

    Sheri Pasqual
    Founder & CEO | Strategy Media

Stable performance, stable company

Infinity is built on Tier 1 carriers for peak performance and consistent reliability. As a company, we are financially secure following many years of organic growth and a subsequent, responsible long-term investment from Smedvig Capital.

Commercially flexible

Infinity offer a bundled pricing structure tailored to your needs for clear, upfront costs with easy billing to clients. Referral partners also enjoy market leading commission rates.

A two-way partnership

Infinity are here to support your promotion of our solutions by providing co-branded collateral, case studies, and testimonials. We also take a collaborative approach to joint initiatives, such as events and bespoke campaigns.

Global service delivery

We support over 75 countries covering Europe, The Americas, Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific. This includes key territories such as Mainland Europe, much of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, the majority of South and Central America, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand.

Some of our agency partners

  1. Mediacom
  2. Wavemaker
  3. Jellyfish
  4. MakingScience
  5. Atom 42
  6. Group M
  7. T2O Media
  8. Digital NRG
  9. Strategy Media
  10. Media Vision
  11. Beyond Clicks
  12. iProspect
  13. Focus On Media
  14. Semetrical
  15. The Kite Factory
  16. Greenlight
  17. Boost Online
  18. Neo Media World

Why not join them?

Call intelligence can be transformational to your business. Contact us today.

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