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"The main benefit of having Infinity is knowing exactly which keywords are driving quality calls from PPC. Infinity is well integrated with Google Ads and their support team has worked hard to give us those vital insights."

Simone Pignatelli
Senior Digital Acquisition Manager | British Gas Business

  1. Loyalty

    What would a 1% improvement in your renewal rate mean?

    Our Conversation Analytics platform picks out the calls that went well and the ones that didn't, at scale. Use this insight to improve the outcomes of your calls, and reduce the number of your customers who switch.

  2. Smarter PPC

    Ensure your budget goes towards what works

    Infinity tells you what keywords, web pages, and marketing sources led to revenue-generating calls. British Gas used this data to reduce their PPC costs by 15% without any negative effect on their profits.

  3. Efficient

    Get to the phone faster, without wasting budget

    Use Infinity to identify when call demand is highest, and when you're keeping people waiting for the longest. Infinity's utilities and energy companies see their average ‘on hold' time drop by 32% in their first year with us.

  4. Vision

    What if you could serve every caller 30 seconds faster?

    88% of customers hate having to repeat information provided via another channel. Infinity connects to CRM systems and identifies user journeys to help you deliver a more informed level of service.

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Conversation Analytics: When people talk, listen

Conversations matter when it comes to satisfying customers. Infinity's Conversation Analytics platform allows you to capture invaluable data hidden inside every conversation. Manually sifting through call recordings is a laborious task that limits your team's productivity. With Conversation Analytics, you can analyse automatically at scale.

This data gives you insights into your customer's experience.

For example:

  • Identify the type of call with over 95% accuracy
  • How do they feel about your product?
  • Did they make a payment?
  • Are they switching from a competitor?
  • What new issues are you unaware of?

Some of the utilities brands that already trust Infinity

  1. British Gas Business
  2. Opus Energy
  3. Hop Energy
  4. Bristol Energy

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