Pinpointing your high-⁠fliers is easy

But putting your finger on what makes them fly so high can be tricky. Especially when you’re reliant on traditional methods of performance measurement.


Replace the guesswork

Conversation Analytics and Agent Scorecards make it easy to see who’s knocking it out of the park and who needs to spend more time in the batting cage. You’ll see quickly which traits, tactics, and actions you need to bottle and share around your team.

Quality training relies on insight

Without clear insight, you can’t provide the kind of training that ups win rates by 29%, and stops 58% of your team feeling like they aren’t getting the support they need to perform like a pro.

Getting a granular view on our performance and highlighting opportunities for improvement has been priceless.

Owen Gill  |  Pendragon


Hear the full story

Automatically monitor 100% of the phone calls that come in and go out of your contact centres and uncover more performance boosting insights.


Measure the magic

Ensure your most successful traits, tactics, and actions don’t stay trapped in your call recordings – uncover and use them to upskill your whole team.


Provide tailored support

Focus training resource where it’s needed most and plug skill gaps with precision.


Stay compliant

Ensure your entire team are sticking to scripts and following the processes they should.


Get a granular view on performance

Agent Scorecards make it easy to measure key factors in customer conversations and identify trends that lead to high performance.

You’ll see which agents need support and, more importantly, which areas your training should focus on.

Agent Scorecards make it easy to build your dream team

Spend your time implementing high-quality, tailored coaching rather than chasing anecdotes and hoping that one-size-fits-all training will do the job.

Performance improves. Agents win more and become happier. So do customers. And as a result, both stick around for longer.


Agent Scorecards one-pagers

Everything you need to know about pinpointing your high-⁠flyers, eliminating the guesswork and building a team of top performers with Agent Scorecards.

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