Unlock new insights and use them to drive growth

Infinity helps you connect the online and offline parts of the customer journey, revealing exactly what drove a customer to pick up the phone and even better, shows you exactly what happens on that call.

Together, you’ll be able to unlock hidden insights before, during, and after every call – then use them to enable transformational growth.


What can you expect from the Partnership Certification?

Through our Certification programme, you’ll learn how to help your clients harness the power of call intelligence. Here’s what to expect.


Who, how, why – Infinity basics

Discover how the Infinity platform works and how to drive value through the deployment of visitor level call tracking.


Optimisation levers

Identify the ways in which Infinity features can be customised to your exact specifications, whether that’s optimising PPC or tracking offline conversions.


Conversation Analytics

Explore every conversation at scale to truly understand campaign performance, customer satisfaction and call outcomes.


Using integrations

Understand the capabilities of integrations and how Infinity data will enhance reporting across your tech stack.



Understand how to navigate, report, configure and optimise the Infinity Hub to effortlessly provide detailed reports and insights for your clients.


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Why should you join our Partnership Certification programme?

By completing our Certification programme, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to drive better results and create happier clients!

The Certification programme is designed to give you a comprehensive working knowledge of the Infinity platform and turn you into a call intelligence expert.

You’ll learn how to unlock a whole new level of insight that will help you make smarter optimisation decisions and a serious difference to your clients’ bottom-lines.


Guide investment

Help your clients see the complete picture.

By connecting calls to clicks, you can show clients the true impact of their digital activities and help them make smarter decisions when it comes to budget optimisation.


Gather intelligence

Build better performing campaigns.

Understanding which marketing messages turn callers into customers will help you make your campaigns much harder-hitting and send performance through the roof.


Grow together

Level-up performance and your skills.

As well as driving growth for your clients, mastering call intelligence will help you sharpen your skills and take your marketing planning to the next level.

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