More conversions from PPC



Drop in cost per acquisition



Increase in average order values


Give orders a big boost with Infinity’s call tracking for retailers

Infinity shows you what’s responsible for getting eyes on your products and driving sales. By automatically monitoring 100% of your calls and matching them to their source, it will help convert more and spend less in the process.


Understand how to boost sales


Optimise your advertising spend


Build a team of phone sales superstars


Keep shoppers in the mood to spend with super slick CX


Before the call

Infinity call tracking for retailers will show you which campaigns and keywords are getting shoppers to click and pick up the phone. You’ll be able to see which marketing tactics you need to double down on, and which are gobbling budget.

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During the call

By automatically monitoring 100% of your calls, Conversation Analytics will help you hear the unfiltered truth on your agents’ strengths and weaknesses. With it, you can share the targeted feedback that will help them seal the deal more often.

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After the call

Seeing what makes a shopper pick up the phone is one thing, but when you connect calls to order values you can make sure every penny you spend on advertising works extra hard. In four super simple steps Smart Match pinpoints your most valuable calls and tells you how to make more of them.

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It’s been incredible to see the amount of data and insight we’ve been missing. By highlighting key areas of improvement, we’ve been able to adapt our paid media strategy to save money and drive up conversions.

Rachael Harker
Digital Performance Manager


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More calls
from PPC


Reduction in cost per acquisition


More outcomes that matter

New to the world of call analytics?

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