Retail solutionsCall tracking unlocks your entire customer's journey

From the first contact to final conversion - call tracking covers every digital touchpoint.

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Turn your calls into revenue

Whether you're looking to drive sales, increase your website's conversion rate, or boost customer quote requests, the first step is knowing what journey each customer took, be that a PPC keyword, a paid social campaign, or an offline source.

Call tracking uncovers these crucial attribution insights, and more, about every single call.

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  1. Number of calls from PPC to the US sales team boosted by 35%
  2. 28% increase in conversion rate from PPC campaigns
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Stannah International

"Companies must understand why the phone is ringing, Infinity gives us that answer. Onboarding was straightforward, and our customer success manager was crucial in keeping us at the cutting edge of their technology."

Austen Ahern
Director Of Digital Services | Stannah International

  1. Pinpoint Reveal the initial source of where a caller came from

    Boost the conversion of your marketing by seeing the journey right down to the keyword used. Infinity not only reveals which channel a caller originated from, but the specific page on your website.

  2. Filter Streamline your customer service

    Don't compromise on your commitment to service. Find the pages driving standard support calls and improve them to help visitors find the answer they need quicker, allowing your agents time to focus on customers with more complex needs.

  3. Global A service to match your ambitions

    Infinity operates in 75 countries globally, giving you a complete view of which area calls are coming from across many territories. We also provide local numbers to give customers the confidence that they are dealing with a nearby, trustworthy business.

  4. Routing Straight to the point

    Ensure your sales team are dealing with sales calls by ensuring support queries are routed to the correct phone agent, and spam calls are blocked. Not only will this give a better experience, but you will also increase your sales team's productivity.

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Insights you care about

With Infinity's Hub, you're able to view all of your data in a stand-alone view. Whatever your role, whatever your requirements, the Hub is designed with you in mind. From granular insights to overall pictures, the Hub is designed for flexibility and precision.

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Fits your tech stack

Automate your revenue

By joining Infinity up with your CRM and Google Ads, you can bid on keywords based on what is generating the results that matter to you. This process can be automated for ongoing improvements.

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Call tracking for IronmongeryDirect

"A full picture of the user journey is vital for all companies, especially now with the increase in machine learning models. We need to focus on providing these models with the best data to drive growth, and offline transactions are a big part of this."

Terry Harris
PPC Manager | IronmongeryDirect

Conversation analytics: When people talk, listen

Conversations matter when it comes to creating a unique experience for customers. Infinity's Conversation Analytics platform allows you to capture invaluable data hidden inside these calls. Manually sifting through call recordings is a laborious task that limits your team's productivity. With Conversation Analytics, you can analyse automatically at scale.

This data gives you insights into your customer's experience.

For example:

  • What did they call about?
  • How do they feel about your product?
  • Did they make a payment?
  • Was a competitor mentioned?
  • What new trends are you unaware of?
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Some of the retail brands that already trust Infinity

  1. Hillarys
  2. Stannah
  3. Absolute - Home textiles ltd
  4. IronmongeryDirect
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