Unlock the journey that led to the holiday

Maximise travel bookings with results-based call tracking insights into your marketing and sales activity

Calls are one of the most powerful elements of the travel purchase cycle, often being used for high value bookings. Travel companies must make sure they’re paying attention to these calls, minimising low-value ones, and getting the best return out of their contact centres.

Infinity accurately tracks calls and combines the data collected with online, offline and mobile data to give a comprehensive overview of the steps that matter on a customer’s purchase journey. The full picture of what’s generating travel bookings will show you how to generate more, and how to avoid wasting your budget on marketing that’s driving clicks, but not sales.


"Infinity has helped our business reduce costs by providing us with a comprehensive call tracking solution."

Ross Matthews

  1. Integration

    Integrate call tracking into your booking system and discover value of each campaign

    Infinity integrates easily into your travel company’s booking system. It then shows you the source of each lead that called you, and determines the true value of the campaign responsible for that call. Meanwhile, Infinity provides sales teams with valuable clarification on their cost-per-sale, and a connection to your CRM system applies revenue directly to the precise call responsible.

  2. Segmentation

    Segment website by teams, products or holiday destinations.

    Identify which pages and user journeys are most successful for specific holidays. This insight will optimise your budget and the focus of your marketing strategy to get the best results for all branches, locations, and channels.

  3. Global

    A global solution.

    Infinity’s call tracking system operates in over 75 countries covering Europe, The Americas, Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Infinity has unique set up options to provide call tracking for offices in multiple locations. Both worldwide and local numbers are available to establish your presence as you desire.

  4. PPC tracking

    Tracking PPC campaigns to the keyword level

    See what’s leading to bookings, and what isn’t. The competitive nature of the travel industry means that keywords are expensive. Infinity makes sure you bid on high-converting, effective, and reliable keywords.

Hub - Visitor Trace page

Monitor affiliate activity

Infinity integrates with 3rd party affiliate systems Affiliate Window and Webgains to show you the value of traffic and conversions provided by your affiliates.

Track through display advertising

As well as creating tracked numbers for fixed number campaigns, Infinity tracks through Google Campaign Manager or Flashtalking, right down to single numbers displayed in ads.

"Infinity have provided valuable insight into our online call behaviour we were unable to see before."

Edward Day
Senior Web Analyst | Saga Holidays

Hub - Recorded phone call playbar

Prepare your staff by using call recordings during training

Infinity’s time-based call routing, automatic forwarding, and missed call alerts ensure that you will never miss a holiday booking, even when your customer calls out of hours.

A comprehensive overview of your customer’s journey

Infinity tracks online goals that matter to you, such as enquiry forms, live chats, downloads as well as call goals. Moreover, our integrations with Salesforce and Vocalcom will give you an instant view into the context of a call, allowing you to close bookings quicker, and at a higher rate.

Call intelligence can be transformational to your business. Contact us today.

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