Impactful calls.
Insightful conversations.
Intelligent conclusions.

Unlock hidden insights before, during, and after every call. Then seamlessly use those insights across your company to demonstrate real business impact.

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Real audience insight, at scale

Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite shines a light on the many truths contained within each phone conversation you have with your callers. Use this for smarter attribution, strategic agility, and training phone agents faster.

While our Call Tracking technology tells you what led to a call, Conversation Analytics tells you what happened on the call, at scale.

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Invest in marketing

Infinity joins up your user journeys giving full visibility into what's driving awareness, engagement and conversion to optimize your market investment and enable you to focus on what matters most.

Marketing solutions

Accelerate sales

Infinity deliver deeper data insights for smarter selling, stay several steps ahead by understanding the context around the conversation to close quicker, larger deals.

Sales solutions

Optimize operations

Infinity take understanding your customers to the next level, identify the key issues driving call volume, deliver consistent customer experiences and focus on the conversations that really matter.

Operations solutions

Call Intelligence

For Marketing

If your business drives sales via the phone, you need to know what's making it ring. By clearly seeing the journeys behind every call, Infinity is ideal for marketers who want to deliver real value with their work and identify costs to reduce.

For Operations

Optimizing the journey that leads to a call will lower operational costs without impacting your performance. Infinity equips your phone agents with the tools to continuously improve results and deliver a better service to your callers.

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Smart Match: The smarter way to identify your most valuable calls

18 Oct 2021 in Marketing

Smart Match: The smarter way to identify your most valuable calls

Smart Match, our newest feature, is the smartest way to pinpoint your most valuable calls. Find out how it works.

Big news: ResponseTap is now part of Infinity

20 Sep 2021 in News

Big news: ResponseTap is now part of Infinity

ResponseTap is now part of Infinity. Our complementary suite of products will give users even greater levels of insight into their marketing campaigns.

Car dealerships can’t afford to stall in their post-pandemic recovery

1 Sep 2021 in Marketing

Car dealerships can’t afford to stall in their post-pandemic recovery

We’re finally emerging from the worst period for new car sales in living memory. This is what you need to consider if you don't want your recovery to stall.

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