Onboarding and training

Empowering you from day one to day infinity

A first-class roll out,
designed for you

Once we have identified a solution that matches your needs, our onboarding team ensures a smooth implementation of call tracking right the way across your company. Focused training and solutions guidance will keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Saga Holidays

"The onboarding process was smooth, and we were up and running very quickly. We recently synced Infinity with our digital agency to optimize our paid campaigns based on what's driving high value calls."

Edward Day
Senior Web Analyst | Saga Holidays

"We have an experienced and caring team that always put themselves in the client's shoes. We ensure every sense of detail has been carefully considered from the moment we engage, right the way through to you becoming a knowledgeable user of our product. We are there every step of the way to ensure you have a seamless experience when working with us."

Amber Willis
Head of Customer Success | Infinity

The perfect start

Our Onboarding Team is on hand to assist and guide you through every step of your implementation.

The team has knowledge and experience across a number of industries, where they have worked with many different websites and platforms. We ensure every detail has been carefully considered throughout the process, ensuring you get off to the best possible start using Infinity.

"Eleanor took her time with a room of trainees at different levels of knowledge when it comes to Infinity's Hub. Everyone left the session with the capabilities they require to do their jobs. She articulated each point very well and we certainly all left with a much better understanding of the product."

Owen Gill
Head of Digital Marketing | Pendragon

Unlocking Conversation Analytics

As a highly personalized platform, no two Conversation Analytics set ups will be the same.

Our set up wizard is built into the platform, and will help ensure you are reaping the rewards of real caller insight in no time at all.

For advanced projects, we also offer consultation services to help you gain further insight from the voice of your customers.


We want you to feel empowered and confident in your use of Infinity. Therefore, we use a combination of both instructor led and content-based training to ensure that you are able to access training in a way that suits your needs in an engaging and informative way.

We provide live training sessions to new clients where material is personalized, reflecting your specific needs. A digital content library with guides and videos, is also available to you so there's always a useful reference for our most common queries.

Call intelligence can be transformational to your business. Contact us today.

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