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Motorpoint is the UK’s leading independent retailer of nearly new and used cars. Founded in 1998, the business has 20 stores across the UK and offers customers a fully omnichannel car-buying experience. Motorpoint prides itself on delivering drivers a hassle-free way to find their next vehicle, with thousands of cars available at unbeatable prices. 

Fueling the sales pipeline with a clear view of the customer journey and completely accurate marketing attribution.

The challenge

Before partnering with Infinity, Motorpoint had limitations when reporting on the effectiveness of their marketing activity. They wanted to understand the number of leads marketing was generating. Furthermore, the marketing team wanted to properly understand where these leads were coming from. This was especially important given the omnichannel nature of a typical car-buying journey.

There were no issues when it came to reporting on the digital leads. But, there was limited visibility over how many calls were coming in as a result of marketing activities. In addition, the team weren't sure of the types of calls coming in or if they were delivering revenue.

Not having this intel often meant the team was making decisions with massive bits of data missing. Firstly, these limited insights made budget allocation and campaign optimization a challenge. Secondly, the team couldn’t accurately report on the true cost per lead or understand the lead-to-sale journey.

Not to mention, not being able to accurately report on the ROI the team was driving meant they weren’t claiming the credit they deserved for the leads they were generating.

Historically, there was a real blind spot when it came to the number of calls being generated through our marketing efforts. This meant we were making budget decisions with important bits of data missing. Alex Howland | Digital Marketing Director, Motorpoint

Why Infinity?

Motorpoint needed a solution that would give them visibility over how many calls the marketing team generated. Ideally, they wanted a solution that would help them report on calls in the same way they reported on digital leads. So, they knew they’d have to look for a solution that was designed specifically for this challenge.

Something that really appealed to Motorpoint was how little development was needed to get Infinity up and running. Coupled with market-leading capabilities and data accuracy, this made Infinity the no-brainer choice.

From first opting for Infinity to getting the platform implemented and working was completed in a matter of weeks.

The solution

By working with Infinity, the Motorpoint marketing team has been able to eliminate all attribution blind spots.

The Infinity call tracking solution also paints a clear picture of the end-to-end customer journey. Because of the omnichannel car purchase journey, this was an absolute game-changer.

They now have granular insights into which channel is driving the best results. As a result, the team can make much more informed decisions about where they need to prioritize marketing spend. To add to that, the Motorpoint marketing team can also spot potential friction points in the buyer journey so they can continuously improve the experiences they deliver.

The results

Motorpoint now has a full understanding of where their leads are coming from and which channels are fueling their pipeline. By working with Infinity, the team has generated some impressive results including:

  • 100% of calls are accurately attributed
  • 34% increase in leads from paid campaigns
  • 21% reduction in missed calls
  • 17% of budget re-optimised

Plans for the future

Motorpoint has recently switched on Infinity’s Conversation Analytics tool. So, plans for the future include more accurately reporting on what happens to a lead when it comes into the business. They’ll be looking to use this intel to spot where improvements need to be made at a process and individual agent level.

Ultimately, the team is looking to improve conversion rates and being able to automatically audit call recordings means they can better understand what the experience is like for customers and ensure leads aren’t being lost.

What the client says

“Since the very beginning, the team has been on board to support us with every stage of the implementation and day-to-day running of the solution.

“Our dedicated account managers are brilliant – they make sure everything is working as expected and are always on hand to offer strategic recommendations and ensure we are on the right package.

“Infinity offers a highly technical solution and with a product offering that is always evolving, it’s an absolute testament to the quality of the product and the efficiency of the team that we’ve never had a major tech issue or any notable downtime in over five years.

Even when looking to make efficiencies, we’ve never once questioned the value of our partnership with Infinity. Alex Howland | Digital Marketing Director, Motorpoint

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