Infinity enriches our customers' use of many leading MarTech partners, why not add yours?

Infinity's call tracking data integrates with many tech partners in a manner designed for action. We don't just believe in recording and analyzing high quality data, we practice putting it to good use across a wealth of partner platforms.

Increasing revenue, lowering operational costs, and improving the customer experience are all goals our clients are achieving thanks to our broad range of integrations with trusted partners. Join our partnership program to improve delivery of these goals to your clients too.


"Infinity offered an easy one-stop solution that covered our client's needs with easy access to support staff, dynamic numbers, and an ability to integrate with Salesforce."

Matt Bregel
Vice President Digital Media | CloudControlMedia

"Their API is top quality and straightforward to use, we've implemented it in many additional projects to improve attribution and conversion rates."

Sam Wiltshire
Head of Digital Transformation | Ontrack

  • Cross-referral

    We frequently make an introduction to our clients when an integration with a partner would form a strong solution to their specific challenge.

  • Marketing

    We are proud of our partners, and list them all on our website. They are also mentioned wherever relevant in case studies, at events, and on co-promoted content.

  • Developer access

    As a partner, you will receive full access to our portal and API documentation. You will be given all you need to ensure your platform is as compatible with ours as possible.

  • Ongoing

    We will continue to provide training for updates and new use cases, and will also work alongside you from a strategic perspective on key clients we share.

Bid management

Brands see how marketing is influencing valuable phone calls by passing the Infinity call data into bid management systems. They see which keywords work (and which don't) in the same place they control their bids, empowering better performing PPC investments.



Using Infinity's data set integrated into your analytics platform, your clients will increase conversion rate and get a better return on spend as they identify where to make improvements in their customer experience. Infinity's advanced Analytics integrations track calls as events that occur as part of each visitor journey.


Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization tools iteratively improve the customer journey bringing both operational savings through reducing low-value calls and visibility of where marketing is increasingly used to drive high value converting calls. Want to find out more about our customer management integrations?

"Infinity is well integrated with Google Ads and their support team has worked hard with our agency to give us those vital insights."

Simone Pignatelli
Senior Digital Acquisition Manager | British Gas Business

That's not all

Infinity also has partners for display, audience mapping, behavioural analytics, tag management, and much more. But we're still interested in continuing to expand our partnership programme, and welcoming any technology brand that will work alongside us to provide new solutions for our enterprise clients.

Call intelligence can be transformational to your business. Contact us today.

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