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Why choose Infinity?

Infinity analyses the conversations you have with your customers to create clarity, which empowers you to grow revenue and reduce costs.

Infinity allows you to seamlessly integrate call data into the full Google suite, to allow you to track the full visitor journey. Whether you are looking to reduce cost or increase revenue, Infinity provides a leading standard of call tracking technology that is trusted by some of the world's best brands and agencies. We offer over 45 integrations for our customers, including the following Google integrations:


Infinity's Google Ads integration sends call and goal actions from Infinity into your Google Ads account giving you further insight into how your campaigns are performing:

  • Instant delivery of goals and phone call data.
  • Record individual calls and goals as events into Google Ads.
  • Sends revenue and outcomes into Google as Goal Value.
  • New: Track calls and their outcomes from Search campaigns, such as through call ads.

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Infinity has one of the most advanced complimentary Google Analytics 4 integrations available:

  • Sends goals and phone call data in real time, along with call type and transaction value.
  • Record individual calls and goals as events into GA.
  • Send a geographic location for every event plus an option for e-commerce data.

"Being able to link Google Ads and Google Analytics with Infinity
has made the world of difference for easy reporting and time saving insights."

Guillermo Dvorak
Planning Director | Wavemaker Global

Smart Match is the fastest and easiest way to link call revenue to marketing activity.

With it, you can easily understand which campaigns are driving your most valuable calls. And base optimisation decisions on outcomes and profit rather than call volumes alone.

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Google Data Studio

  • The Infinity data you need, right where you need it.
  • Create your own charts and reports.
  • Share easily with colleagues.

Campaign Manager

  • Infinity allows you to identify whether display impressions have contributed to post impression phone calls.
  • Tailor display budgets confidently, with the knowledge that the ROI is proven.

Search Ads 360

  • Infinity allows you to see which keywords work, and which don't, within your bid management solution.
  • Infinity sends call data related to Paid Search by firing custom actions into the Search Ads 360 API.

Key benefits

  • See the full website journey, over multiple visits for informed conversations.
  • Calls reported all the way down to keyword level.
  • Implement a digital-first strategy by deflecting calls with an optimised digital journey.
  • Increase revenue by optimising marketing spend and improving call outcomes.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating wasted ad spend.
  • Directly track your sales to the initial source.
  • Improve client engagement and increase revenue.

"Infinity is well integrated with Google Ads and their support team has worked hard with our agency, Mediacom, to give us those vital insights."

Simone Pignatelli
Senior Digital Acquisition Manager | British Gas Business

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