Money talks, are you listening?

The transition from online research to offline conversations causes major blind spots in the customer journey. Businesses are unable to differentiate between online journeys that result in calls… or simply leaving the website.

Call tracking shines a light on this missing data, helping you answer questions that can result in considerable savings and efficiencies.

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Make every moment count

With scorecards, keyword spotting, and quality monitoring, understand what makes your best agents so great and upskill your teams to provide compliant, high quality customer experiences.



Reduce costs by understanding what makes customers pick up the phone

When a customer picks up the phone, you lose visibility. Call tracking connects the dots by enabling you to link keywords and channels to winning calls, providing the insight you need to invest in activity that works.



Integrate call tracking to identify customer journeys

These insights empower you to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with how modern customers purchase financial services, and build contact centres that handle your customers' needs more efficiently.



Multiple layers of protection for uncompromised security

Your customers' financial data is extremely sensitive, so Infinity uses secure data centres to ensure that any private information collected either online or through phone call recordings is kept strictly confidential.

Conversation Analytics keeps your calls on the money

Call tracking tells you what makes a customer pick up the phone. Our award-winning Conversation Analytics suite tells you what happens when they do. Conversation Analytics transcribes calls and picks out the words or phrases that matter to you.

Automatically highlight the calls that progressed mortgage applications, or other key outcomes, while simultaneously respecting caller privacy and redacting sensitive details. By knowing what led to these outcomes you can refine your campaigns, customer journeys, and agent skills to deliver more successful outcomes.

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Track calls from comparison sites

Accurately track all calls generated through comparison sites on a visitor level. Every call can be traced back to its original source, and every touchpoint can be accounted for. Plus, you can differentiate between new and returning visitors to see what is bringing first-time visitors in, and what they come back for.


Eliminate marketing wastage

Optimize your whole marketing strategy from first click to last, and everything in between using call tracking. Learning the paths that lead to sales, and those that don't, means your spending is far more efficient than if you acted with no verifiable guidance.

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Infinity has led to a clearly trackable improvement in the efficiency of our marketing spend and influenced what we're spending our budget on.

Matthew Collett
Marketing Director, Grove & Dean

Make optimisation pay dividends

By linking customer journeys to call outcomes with Smart Match, you can see which campaigns and keywords are driving customers to pick up the phone. Armed with these insights, you can be sure you’re basing campaign optimisation decisions on revenue and profit rather than clicks. Plus, you’ll be in a stronger position to enhance customer experiences using previously overlooked call data.

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See what makes your high-⁠flyers fly so high

Infinity’s Agent ID feature helps you pinpoint what tactics make your top⁠-⁠performers fly so high. See what's working, uncover problem areas, and improve agent coaching programmes. With this intel you can make sure your customer service is best-in-class, and you're giving your customers the support and reassurance they’re looking for.


Global campaigns, local focus

Infinity's call tracking system operates in over 75 countries covering Europe, The Americas, Middle-East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Build trust with customers by setting up local numbers for more targeted campaigns in key locations. These will then be segmented, so you get an informed view about which activities are working best in which regions.

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