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Phone calls are the go-to method of contact for people looking to buy a home. However, extensive online research is a significant part of the customer journey. The less the housing industry understands about this journey – both for their business as a whole and for specific areas/developments - the more of their budget they're spending on guesswork.

PWC reports that 90% of home buyers searched online during their purchase process, but used this as a “shop window” to research properties before picking up the phone or visiting the branch to complete the transaction. As the property market shifts towards shorter term consumerism, optimizing your customer journey must be a top priority to reduce the sales cycle and increase brand loyalty.


"With Infinity, we have gained a crucial understanding on who the modern customer truly is, and what leads them to call us."

Dominic Walker
Marketing | Redrow Homes

  1. Vision

    House buyers reach an average of 52 touchpoints on the way to a purchase

    Infinity specializes in joining up the dots between these touch points to show you what's turning browsing into researching, how that leads to property buying, and how you can streamline that journey for your customer.

  2. Multi-channel

    Leave no stone unturned when assigning results to activity

    As well as online, Infinity also provides tracked numbers for offline fixed campaigns (billboards, show homes, brochures) to identify the traditional campaigns that are causing people to call you, optimizing your marketing spend to focus on what counts.

  3. Segment

    Segment websites by location, branch, or housing development

    Through segmenting your website in Infinity, you will discover the best-performing elements (and the worst) and make changes to your marketing plan accordingly. This greatly optimizes your revenue by keeping the sales cycle succinct, and identifying where your audience are leaking from your sales funnel.

  4. Rate

    The post-call rating function gives valuable insight into the outcome of the call

    Did a call result in a viewing, directions, or an offer? Log the results, and input them into your CRM. Use this to assess successful tactics and identify areas to improve, this feature is designed with continuous call improvement as its mission.

Hub - Missed call alert email

Never miss an opportunity

Infinity's missed call alerts make sure you don't miss a potential client during peak times (such as lunchtimes and evenings), or when you're out of the office on property viewings. Perfect for modern property sellers, who are spending less time in the office.

Infinity also forwards calls to cellphones if offices or developments have few staff available, maximizing the meaningful connections you make with customers without investing in call centers or office space.

"Infinity have provided us with a crucial level of insight into what's driving quality phone calls, which represents about 65% of our inbound leads. I am also continuously impressed with the speed of turnaround they provide when we need to add a new location."

Robert Preston
Digital Marketing Manager | Carter Jonas
Hub - Recorded phone call playbar

Maximize viewings from your calls

Record every inbound phone call and rate the outcome to improve your touch points throughout the customer journey. Capture caller data correctly to facilitate continuous improvements, and make sure each conversation is better than the last.

Bid on successful PPC keywords

By tracking calls from house buyers back to their original search term, you are bidding on keywords that generate high value calls. Infinity also highlights keywords that aren't driving people towards actions, eliminating these from your PPC strategy will drastically reduce wasted spend on expensive terms that don't deliver.

Hub - installations page

Straightforward onboarding

Infinity is easily installed with no negative effect on your site's performance or appearance. A large network of new, trackable numbers are swiftly implemented into your business with no impact on your day-to-day activities. Learn more about our customer success program here.

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