Infinity works alongside a variety of different types of customer management technologies.

Calls coming into contact centers are a goldmine of data. Contact center technology that harnesses this data instantly enjoys a substantial increase in value to their clients. Infinity captures this data, will you use it?

Infinity gives a clear view of the journey your client's customers took before calling, how those customers are finding them, and how they engage with them once they do. When integrated within the contact center tech stack, this knowledge is used to increase revenue, and make operational savings at scale.

Infinity's partnership programme for contact center technologies has been the bedrock of many customers identifying clear links between marketing activity and real revenue.

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"Call handlers will be gifted a level of insight in moments that would normally take valuable minutes to ascertain, saving many thousands of working hours every month."

Roy Holmes
Vocalcom, an Infinity partner

  • Cross-referral

    We have a solid track record of building bridges between our clients and partners when we see a clear solution that our integration solves.

  • Marketing

    We are proud of our partners, and list them all on our website. They are also mentioned wherever relevant in case studies, at events, and on co-promoted content.

  • Developer access

    As a partner, you will receive full access to our portal and API documentation. You will be given all you need to ensure your platform is as compatible with ours as possible.

  • Ongoing

    We will continue to provide training for updates and new use cases, and will also work alongside you from a strategic perspective on key clients we share.

The volume and depth of the data Infinity unlocks exponentially increases the value of both CRM and contact center systems for their users."

Kris Wagland
VP Partnerships | Infinity

"We're excited to expand our usage across more areas of the business, including integrating Infinity into our CRM system for a deeper level of strategic revenue attribution."

Kirra Loh
Global E-commerce Manager | Hurtigruten

CRM systems

By integrating Infinity with your CRM system, we enable your clients to surface key ROI metrics. We match the PPC keyword that drove a phone call to the outcome of that phone call, allowing your client's PPC teams to bid with confidence on the keywords that drive conversion revenue. This approach can also be extrapolated to a large number of other marketing, sales, and operational actions, ensuring you become an invaluable digital cornerstone for your clients.

Contact center systems

Infinity's advanced call center integrations create an automated link between the Infinity marketing data and the conversion data in phone and booking systems. Customers can now rely on ROI data to make marketing investment decisions with complete confidence, making their contact center technology far more valuable.

Call intelligence can be transformational to your business. Contact us today.

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