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A harmonious, reliable tech stack not only saves you time, it provides vision, accuracy, and a positive financial impact across your business. If you receive inbound sales calls or provide support via phone, call tracking needs to fit seamlessly into your organisation.

At Infinity, it's vital to us that we are effortlessly compatible with the best service providers across every relevant area of marketing tech and customer management. Working together with our partners, we provide you with easy, refreshing, and effective solutions.


"Using Marin alongside Infinity, we're able to bid-manage sk:n's PPC campaigns more accurately, based on which keywords generate calls."

James Morgan
Head of Digital | Sk:n

"We're excited to expand our usage across more areas of the business, including integrating Infinity into our CRM system for a deeper level of strategic revenue attribution."

Kirra Loh
Global E-commerce Manager | Hurtigruten

A selection of our technology partners

Bid management

See which keywords work (and which don't) in the same place you control your bids, empowering better performing PPC investments.


Increase conversion rate and get a better return on spend as you identify where to make improvements in the customer experience.

Conversion rate optimisation

Iteratively improve the customer journey, uncover operational savings, and see where marketing is generating high value converting calls.


See how display impressions have contributed to post impression phone calls. Tailor display budgets confidently, with the knowledge that the ROI is proven.

Behavioural analytics

Use behavioural analytics to identify the optimum position to present action points, such as phone numbers, where intent level has been identified to be high.

Call centre systems

Provide your contact centre staff with real time data on a caller's digital journey, in order to deliver a far more efficient and high quality service.

CRM systems

Match the PPC keyword that drove a phone call to the outcome of that phone call, allowing you to bid with confidence on the keywords that generate revenue.

Integration partners

Maximise the value you get out of your contact centre implementations through integration with Infinity.

Partnership Marketing

Use our integrations to get a complete picture of your partnership marketing activity's impact.

Tag management

Put our JavaScript onto your websites and start benefiting from the advanced metrics we offer without delay.

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