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We believe conversations matter and that you deserve to understand yours better. Our journey started in 2010 when we identified the need for a call tracking product from over a decade of experience of managing paid search campaigns.

Following a steady, organic growth and a strategic investment, we now have a presence across five locations, including San Francisco, London, and Baltimore.

Despite numerous additions to our platform, our founding principles still drive what we do now. We give businesses clear, reliable insights on how their digital strategy is performing today, making it easier to get better results tomorrow.

The possibilities for our clients continue to grow as we work on numerous exciting developments, and curate an expanding network of tech and agency partners.

Infinity story

  1. 2010: Creation

    At a major tech event in London, marketing agency Jellyfish launches a groundbreaking call tracking solution. It is met with enthusiasm, as digital marketers see the value in the attribution it brings.

  2. 2011: Founded

    After enormous interest from other agencies we created a stand alone company as Infinity with six employees, and rebuilt the tech stack from the ground up.

  3. 2014: Stateside

    A growing client base in the United States prompts Infinity to open its first US office, offering support, sales, and partnership services locally.

    Increased international demand prompts Infinity to expand its customer support staff to include the US in order to serve its growing US customer base.

  4. 2016: Investment

    $12m in funding is secured from Smedvig Capital to accelerate growth. Infinity establishes our Customer Success team and grows our development team.

  5. 2017: Call-ifornia Dreaming

    Infinity opens a San Francisco office, and lands our first $1 million client.

  6. 2019: Conversation Analytics

    Our Conversation Analytics suite is rolled out to many clients, and we open up our Manchester office to better serve our agency partners in the region.

  7. 2020: The next chapter...

    Why not help us write it? Infinity continues to grow in new markets with new partners, and a string of exciting hires who will deliver an increasingly useful platform to our clients.

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  2. 2011
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  4. 2016
  5. 2017
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