How did Infinity connect 17,000 of Vodafone’s sales calls to the affiliate partner responsible?

Something that has never been possible for us until now…

The challenge

The affiliate team are responsible for Vodafone’s largest digital channel for broadband sales, working with third party comparison, content, and cashback sites to drive sales traffic to Vodafone’s website.

Many of Vodafone’s broadband sales occur over the phone. But once a customer picks up the phone, Vodafone have no way of tracking that call back to the correct affiliate, or even the affiliate channel.

Vodafone also offer some high value, high loyalty products that are only available via the phone in certain areas. With no way of tracking sales from these products, they are not able to be listed on third party sites.

Why Infinity?

As an enterprise brand using many channels and platforms, Infinity’s integrations with Adobe, Facebook, and the Google suite meant it would connect well with Vodafone's tech stack. Awin also recommended Infinity to Vodafone as a trusted partner.

Infinity’s advanced Conversation Analytics platform pinpoints calls mentioning specific words, and automatically qualifies sales calls at scale, whereas other call tracking providers relied on agents manually inputting the call type.

The solution

Vodafone assigned specific phone numbers from Infinity to key price comparison sites, enabling them to track which phone call came from which affiliate. Not only does this give accurate attribution for telesales and help them map their customer journey, but it also ensures they can properly reward their affiliate partners.

Next, they used the Keyword Spotting feature in Conversation Analytics to highlight calls where a speaker said terms that indicate a sale, as well as other useful terms such as competitors, products, or new/existing customers.

Vodafone Infographic

Bringing these insights together, they are now able to accurately connect sales calls to the responsible affiliate channels and specific partners. This also means that products only available over the phone can now be promoted by affiliates.

The results

Six months on from implementing Infinity, including setting up Conversation Analytics, Vodafone have achieved the following results:

  • Over 17,000 sales attributed in just six months
  • Now selling high-value, high loyalty products via affiliates 8 months earlier than before
  • Identified a 7.5% conversion rate from call-to-purchase, significantly higher than any other channel

Going forward, Vodafone are looking to use Infinity’s call tracking solutions across other performance marketing channels.

Also, the insights from Conversation Analytics will be used to guide decision making for curating more efficient digital journeys, which lead to a higher percentage sales calls and deflect support queries to relevant website pages.

What the client says

Partnering with Infinity over the last 6 months has allowed us to bridge the gap between online and offline sales. Something that has never been possible for us until now.

The account team are incredibly knowledgeable and innovative, always bringing new ideas to the table and are proactive about suggesting and making bespoke changes to the service and platform for us to get the best use out of it.

Keyword spotting via Infinity has a huge amount of benefit, not only to identify when sales have been made, but also to highlight the key themes and topics of conversation, which can lead to improvements being made to our digital marketing messages. This is something we will be focusing on, as we integrate more closely with Infinity.

Cai Mullins | Head of Affiliates and Partnerships, Vodafone

Vodafone are a multinational telecommunications company operating in over 65 countries. In the UK they operate a network of 400+ retail stores, and have over 18 million customers, including 600k home broadband customers.

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