A personal service from the big picture to small details

Whether it's to drive revenue or reduce operational costs across your enterprise, Infinity offers a scalable answer.

No two enterprise businesses are the same. Each face their own unique challenges. Whether that is using call tracking to optimize marketing spend to drive ROI, increase inbound calls, reduce calls to contact centers, change how you engage with your clients over the phone, or implement a digital first approach - we will work alongside you to design a tailored solution with a pinpoint focus on your objectives.

Here is how we build long-term solutions for your business.

We've trusted Infinity to deliver vital insights to us across multiple major territories for many years. Their service has been exceptional, and they have helped us with bespoke solutions where necessary.

Phil Wardell
Senior Ecommerce Manager | Rackspace


More than call tracking

Knowing what happens before every call is a crucial piece of the puzzle, but getting scalable insight from inside every call is transformative. Conversation Analytics unlocks this power.

A solution that fits

Infinity connects to over 45 tech platforms trusted by large companies. We have exclusive functionality with the Google Marketing Platform, and have met the rigorous standards to become a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Our initial priority is understanding what you need to achieve, and any unique challenges your business faces that need to be overcome. Infinity's solutions team will work with you to identify the best use cases to hit your business KPIs, and any specific requirements that we need to deliver. This all takes place at the beginning of our relationship, to ensure you are pointing in the right direction from the start.

Onboarding and training

Our dedicated solutions delivery team makes rolling Infinity out across your business a straightforward, controlled experience. We consider every detail throughout the process, to make sure you get off to the best possible start.

Both in-person and online training is provided with a focus on peak-performance relevant to your solution, equipping your staff with the necessary skills to hit your business targets. We provide this at the beginning of your use of Infinity, as well as delivering subsequent ongoing refresher sessions and product updates. We also have an extensive library of content that covers all common queries.

Customer success

It's our mission to make certain that you are maximizing the value you get from Infinity. Our world-class customer success team will be a consistent presence alongside you, advising you on best practice personalized to your business. They work towards outcomes that matter to your business, and all customer success managers have ample experience working alongside enterprise clients. Learn more about our award-winning customer success program.

VIP Support

It's vital that the person answering your queries understands your business, and provides service based on how you are using Infinity. This is why we assign a VIP support representative, who has been specifically chosen to align with your account. They will provide knowledgeable and informed help for any question you have in your everyday use of Infinity. We provide a speed and quality of response that is unique in the SaaS industry.