Smart Match is the fastest and easiest way to link call revenue to marketing activity.

With it, you can easily understand which campaigns are driving your most valuable calls. And base optimisation decisions on outcomes and profit rather than call volumes alone.

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Being able to track the lead source and then assign a revenue and margin value has been a major breakthrough for us

Simon Hoe,
Global Head of Digital Marketing, Cruise 1st

  1. Reduced-Costs-128


    Lower your cost of acquiring a customer boost the value of your average order.

  2. More-Control-64


    Take back control of ROI analysis unlock insights without the need for IT support.

  3. Total-Visibility-64


    Identify under-performing activity optimise both digital and offline campaigns.

  4. Fully-Integrated-64


    Share call revenue data across your tech stack enhanced reporting and smarter bidding.

All it takes is a simple CSV upload

Smart Match brings ROI analysis back into the hands of the marketer. There’s no need to rely on data from other departments, or on additional IT support.

All you have to do is upload a CSV sales report. Then our Smart Match algorithm matches the sales data to the call, showing which marketing activity has generated revenue.

Better revelations through integration

Using one of our 45 integrations, Smart Match insights can also be sent to external analytics and bidding tools for enhanced reporting and the further Optimisation of campaigns.

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Find out how Smart Match can help you see the ROI on every sales call, from every channel, in four super simple steps.

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