Reduction in contact centre costs



Improvement in call quality



More big ticket
items sold


Unlock performance-boosting insights without manual call monitoring

By automatically monitoring 100% of your calls, Infinity for contact centers gives you the insight you need to optimize agent performance and send NPS sky-high without needing to manually listen in.


Delight customers every time they get in touch


Send conversion rates soaring


Send AHT tumbling by perfecting your process


Keep your agents engaged and on top form


Before the call

Infinity call tracking will show you the entire customer journey. Feeding your agents this intel in real-time will help them shape conversations and leave callers much more satisfied when they hang up.

By understanding what drives calls, you can also pinpoint where messaging improvements and better self-serve options are needed.

Deflecting simple queries will help keep your agents focused on customers who need 1-2-1 support, cut your queuing times, and slash running costs.

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During the call

Infinity for contact centers helps you gain a better understanding of your customers and what they really care about. By automatically monitoring calls at scale, Conversation Analytics provides you with the purest form of customer feedback.

You’ll deepen your understanding of customers, so you know exactly what to do and say to keep them smiling.

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Conversation Analytics will feed you the performance insight you need to build a team of top-performers – and save you a ton of time on QA.

By automatically monitoring and listening to 100% of your team’s calls, you’ll transform your understanding of strengths and weaknesses so you can share killer tips and give agents the support they need to improve First Call Resolution and push up NPS.

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After the call

With Infinity for contact centres, you can pinpoint the impact good customer service and operational improvements are having on revenue.

With Smart Match, you’ll be able to show the real impact of your work and help you demonstrate the call revenue your team have driven in just a few clicks.

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After switching Infinity on, the team at Pendragon were able to have much better conversations with customers. The result?


Less friction on calls


Drop in price sensitivity


Reduction in CPA


The ultimate guide
to call monitoring

Learn how always on call monitoring will help you improve agent performance and CX by reading our Smart Guide.

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Stop agent churn from disrupting your flow

With Infinity, your agents will have all of the intel, guidance, and support they need to perform at their best – and that’s a win for everyone.


Happy customers - Callers will finally get the slick, personalized experience they expect


Happy agents - Agents will have easier conversations, unlock their bonuses, and want to stay around for longer


Happy boss - Your CFO will be smiling from ear to ear when new business and retention rates shoot up

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Calls to conversions

Learn how to extract critical insights from all your conversations and turn more callers into customers. Read the guide


Call intelligence report 2024

Understand what’s happening to call volumes and durations in your sector. See the data


Call monitoring cheat sheet

Discover how always on call monitoring will save you a ton of time, headaches, and money!
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