How does call tracking software work?

Tracking phone calls is vital for analyzing which marketing activities are making customers pick up the phone.

Phone call tracking works by enabling you to assign unique tracking numbers to your marketing campaigns. When a customer picks up the phone, you’ll be able to see which activity led to the call.


Having this information makes it easier for you to sell morestreamline operational processes, and optimize marketing budgets.

That’s why Infinity’s cloud-based call tracking solution is an important tool in the tech stack for marketing, sales, customer service, and contact centers.


The Infinity platform

Infinity call tracking makes it easy to see which campaigns, channels, and keywords lead to calls. You'll also be able to pinpoint when people get in touch so you can make sure there's always somebody on hand to answer.

Integrating call tracking
into your tech stack

We've developed over 45 integrations with some of the world's leading tech providers. We work with businesses specializing in everything from behavioral analytics, bid management, and customer journey optimization, to CRM, contact center technology, and various other systems.

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I have found Infinity to be the most informative and comprehensive call tracking system available by far.

Guy Mains
Media Works, Opus Technology

Why use call tracking?

For a lot of businesses, phone calls are still an important part of the customer journey. Whether you’re in the travel industry, or work in utilities, being able to see what drives sales calls will massively help in optimizing the end⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠end customer experience.


The best call tracking software for global businesses

Because we work with global businesses, we’ve made sure our product is available in over 75 territories worldwide.

This means you’ll understand how inbound calls are coming into your business from all over the world. We provide trusted local numbers, so you’ll see which marketing campaigns are performing well and driving sales in specific geographies.

Outbound Call Tracking Diagram C

Outbound call tracking

Track the calls you make as well as the ones you receive.

With Infinity, you can track all the sales calls that come in and go out of your business. With outbound call tracking, you can prevent missed calls and callbacks from blowing holes in your attribution.

Unlock a larger source of insight and help agents better understand a caller's journey before they pick up the phone. The result? Conversion rates go up, and so does closed⁠-⁠won revenue.

Infinity is our go-to solution for call tracking. We’ve found them to have the best quality of service and data on the market, while offering a competitive price.

Josh Hatfield
Senior Paid Media Growth Hacker, Semetrical

Getting started is easy



Our dedicated team of Customer Success Managers and Support Specialists will work closely with you to make sure you get the best possible results from Infinity from day one.

We’re always on hand to provide solutions tailored to your specific use cases, and we offer ongoing support with regular training sessions to continuously drive value.


15 minutes

Deploy JS code to your site

Paste the Infinity call tracking code into your website


30 minutes

Setup integrations

Use our range of 45+ integrations and easy-to-use API to get your call tracking data where you need it


30 minutes

Testing completed by Infinity

Let our team verify that your installation and integrations have been set up correctly



Go live!

Receive game-changing insights that will help you make the right call when deciding where to invest


Track, analyze, and optimize your marketing performance with our advanced call tracking platform and flexible pricing. Whatever challenges your business faces, we're happy to dial up a package tailored to your needs.

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Get the most from your Infinity installation

Our award-winning success team is ready to help you get started. With their support, you'll master call tracking in no time.

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Enterprise call tracking

Whether you want to drive revenue or reduce operational costs, the Infinity platform is a scalable answer.

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SMB call tracking

For growing companies, unlocking the best results from marketing spend is a goal that will always pay off.

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What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the process of tracking phone calls in real‑time by using a tracking number on all collateral, including your website, landing pages, emails, and brochures. In turn, this helps you identify which activities are contributing to your business goals. Infinity’s call tracking and analytics closes a loop between online and offline activity.


5 tips for getting started with call tracking

Keen to understand how to gain insight-rich data that will help you optimize campaigns to drive real ROI? Check out our cheat sheet. It tells you exactly how to make call tracking software work for you.

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