Track both legs of the journey

Outbound calls are a key touchpoint for closing sales, booking meetings, upselling add-ons, and crucial moments of customer service. Without outbound call tracking, you’ve no visibility on what leads to highly valuable calls. Substantial revenue is unattributed and a ton of customer intel that will help inform marketing messaging goes under the radar.

Help your agents close more sales

Outbound call tracking enables you to understand what happens on every follow up call your agents make, so you get the full picture of:


Where sales opportunities are being missed to make that a thing of the past


The end-to-end customer journey – so you can connect successful outbound calls to the activities that drove initial interest


Tactics and language that get upsell and cross-sell opportunities over the line


How outbound call tracking will help you create a team of sales superstars

With Infinity’s outbound call tracking software, you’ll understand what happens on every call your agents make, spot the sales tactics that work, and use that intel to refine scripts and nail training to create a team of sales superstars.

Infinity offers a highly technical solution and with a product offering that is always evolving, it’s an absolute testament to the quality of the product and the efficiency of the team that we’ve never had a major tech issue or any notable downtime in over five years.

Alex Howland
Digital Marketing Director


Why choose Infinity for outbound call tracking?

We’re the best call tracking provider in EMEA according to G2. They also say we’re ‘easiest to work with’ and say we offer users the ‘best support’.

We’ve won numerous awards for our platform, and our excellent customer service.

But we believe that seeing is believing.

So, if you want to know what all the fuss is about…

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