Call Tracking


Before the call

If your business drives sales via the phone, you need to know what's making it ring. By clearly seeing the journeys behind every call, Infinity's call tracking is ideal for marketers who want to deliver real value with their work while identifying areas where costs can be reduced.

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Conversation Analytics

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During the call

Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite shines a light on the many truths contained within each phone conversation you have with your callers. Use it to unlock the insights needed for smart attribution, strategic agility, and training phone agents faster.

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Smart Match

Infinity Smart-Match

After the call

Smart Match is the fastest and easiest way to link call revenue to marketing activity and pinpoint where your most valuable calls are coming from. With it, you can easily understand which campaigns are driving your most valuable calls and take optimisation to the next level.

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Invest in marketing

Infinity joins up your user journeys giving full visibility into what's driving awareness, engagement and conversion to optimise your market investment and enable you to focus on what matters most.

Accelerate your sales
Accelerate your sales

Infinity deliver deeper data insights for smarter selling, stay several steps ahead by understanding the context around the conversation to close quicker, larger deals.

Optimise operations

Infinity take understanding your customers to the next level, identify the key issues driving call volume, deliver consistent customer experiences and focus on the conversations that really matter.

Create better experiences

Infinity help you create the frictionless experiences customers crave. By giving you the insights needed to identify and turn negative experiences into positive ones, you can delight your customers and produce successful outcomes time and time again.

Flexibility for the modern marketer's tech stack

Infinity integrates with your existing marketing analytics, bid management, automation tools and CRM for enhanced reporting and further optimisation of campaigns.

Our expansive range of 45+ integrations and our easy-to-use API will let you get your call intelligence where you need it.

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4 essential call tracking metrics you should be measuring

7 Dec 2022 in

4 essential call tracking metrics you should be measuring

How many calls does your call centre handle on any given day? Of those calls, how many of them could you confidently say were existing customers and first-time callers? Did they come direct from your website, a Google ad, or did they find you ...

Customer experience: creating the calm in the chaos

5 Dec 2022 in

Customer experience: creating the calm in the chaos

Almost half of consumers agree they have been on the end of a poor call in the last 6 months, according to our recent Moments That Matter survey. Call centres often represent the only form of real human interaction with a brand, having the ability ...

How to supercharge your customer engagement strategy [with examples]

30 Nov 2022 in

How to supercharge your customer engagement strategy [with examples]

Every relationship involves give and take. You cook dinner; your partner does the dishes. You take your dog for a walk; they don’t chew your slippers. The same is true of business, if you want your customers to remain loyal, you need to demonstrate ...

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