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Learn how British Gas Business reduced their PPC costs by 15% and increased their sales team's productivity during peak hours.

The Challenge

British Gas Business drives a substantial amount of its sales via inbound phone calls, as a result they need to know what's driving those phone calls and how they can answer as many as possible.

Many of their customers research energy solutions online, before calling up to enquire about prices and installation details. This presented a problem as they could see when someone left their site, but were not able to tell whether that exit was due to a call or not.

A large digital marketing spend meant that knowing what clicks lead to calls was vital, all digital touch points along a customer journey needed to be accounted for. On top of this, it was of utmost importance that their contact centre was optimised to handle and convert as many high-quality calls as possible.

Why Infinity

British Gas Business had already tried a call tracking platform before, but frequently found the platform wasn't able to track the calls, rendering the data useless.

Infinity's data was proven to be robust and reliable, offering the full picture of what was leading people to call British Gas to make a business purchase. Infinity's call intelligence also integrates with Google Analytics, allowing the data gathered by Infinity to be seamlessly used alongside other information gathered by British Gas.

The Solution

Infinity was able to precisely attribute all touchpoints along the digital journey that lead to a call, allowing British Gas to know exactly what was working and how to generate more of that success.

This allowed them to adapt their digital strategies - such as their PPC spend - to be aligned with how potential customers with high purchase intent were actually looking for an energy solution for their businesses.

Operationally, Infinity provided critically useful insights into the everyday performance of the British Gas contact centre's calls, such as the length of time of each call, advanced data on who they were missing calls from (and when), and rating the outcome. Here, Infinity identified that a high amount of calls were being missed around lunchtime, causing British Gas to adjust their phone agents schedules to always answer high value calls during business hours, and answer them quickly.

This service was underpinned by a precise level of visitor level dynamic call tracking that surpassed the performance of British Gas Business' previous supplier.

Without this standard of reliability, meaningful success would not have been achieved.

The Outcome

Infinity has become vital for British Gas Business in identifying strategic actions to take that lead to tangible business goals. Infinity is constantly consulted when assessing the performance of new campaigns and messaging around new products, as well as optimising existing activities.

Moreover, it has become an invaluable partner in the improvement and training of call staff, as it is used every day for identifying what leads to a success on their calls.

Infinity has been directly responsible for the following outcomes:

  • Decreased PPC costs by 15%

  • Optimised call agent schedules to eliminate missed calls during business hours

  • Increased feedback at all stages of the customer journey

  • Drastically improved the quality of attribution data for calls

What the Client Says

"The main benefit of having Infinity is knowing exactly which keywords are driving quality calls from PPC. Before – with the previous providers - we used to get lots of 'Not tracked' data, which made the report useless. Infinity is well integrated with Google Ads and their support team has worked hard with our agency, Mediacom, to give us those vital insights."

Simone Pignatelli | Senior Digital Acquisition Manager, British Gas Business

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British Gas Business is a business energy supplier in the UK, supplying business gas, electricity & a range of energy services to UK businesses. It is a part of British Gas, the biggest energy supplier in the United Kingdom and the first public utility company in the world.

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