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How did the automotive dealership group use Smart Match to triple PPC sales calls while boosting AOV by 21.1%?

Find out how Stoneacre is using Infinity as a driving force behind their sales engine. 

The challenge

As a growing market leader, it’s crucial Stoneacre’s marketing team get leads into their sales funnel in a cost-efficient manner. But without being able to connect sales calls to revenue, they were relying on incomplete data to make decisions about which activities to sustain, and who to target.

Not being able to address this challenge meant they could be targeting the wrong people. As a result, they’d risk ending up with fewer sales calls and a worse return on ad spend.


Why Infinity?

Connecting sales calls to Performance Max in Google was a business-critical task as the campaigns were a critical part of Stoneacre's PPC activity. Without a full set of outcome data, Performance Max's ability to optimise campaigns was limited.

Stoneacre had previously worked with another call tracking provider that had been unable to provide this service. This is where Infinity’s Smart Match solution came in and made this possible.

Infinity also provided greater flexibility on the attribution period for sales, which is crucial in an industry where buying cycles vary a lot.

The solution

Stoneacre used Smart Match to connect sales outcomes (right down to the vehicle) back to the activity that led to the call. This data was plugged into Google Analytics 4 via Infinity’s integration, as well as connecting to Performance Max.

These Performance Max campaigns targeted more users similar to the ones already making profitable sales calls to Stoneacre. This meant they delivered a growing pipeline of high-intent calls that would convert into a purchase.


Connecting revenue from calls to Performance Max campaigns: 



The results

The ability to connect sales calls and their revenue to Google’s Performance Max means Stoneacre can focus on what’s truly making a difference. By adopting this approach and using the insights gained, they’ve achieved results such as:

  • 21.1% increase in average order value from PPC calls 
  • 3x sales calls from PPC
  • 79% increase in ratio of PPC clicks to calls
  • New ability to pinpoint precise cost-per-sale from digital channels

Going forward, Stoneacre will be working with Infinity to gain a clear view of evolving dealership performance and will be unlocking new ways to optimise the customer experience.


What the client says

“Infinity fits our tech stack like a hand in glove, particularly their ability to link Performance Max campaigns to real results from our sales calls. Connecting these crucial pillars of data has helped us make real commercial strides with our digital targeting. There’s still so much to explore with Infinity, and I look forward to discovering how we can deliver more great results plus a top-quality service to our customers.”

Mark Zavagno | Digital Operations Director, Stoneacre

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Founded in 1994, Stoneacre is a leading automotive dealership group with over 144 different franchises. Their annual turnover is over £1.3 billion, and they employ over 3,000 people across their network of dealerships.

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