7 digital trends nobody can ignore in 2018

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Published on 15th Feb 2018 in News

Shine a spotlight on your marketing ROI with Infinity’s Intelligent Match update

The most simple method yet of assigning offline revenue to online marketing activity in your CRM, all the way down to the individual keyword.

Published on 29th Jan 2018 in News

Infinity and Bing Ads uncover the true impact of search campaigns

Infinity clients now have far greater insight into the ROI of their Bing Ads spend.

Published on 25th Jan 2018 in Tech

Revolutionising your contact centres with digital optimisation

As market expectations of customer service evolve, brands will need to keep up and digital teams are expected to play an important part.

Published on 14th Dec 2017 in Digital Marketing

7 digital trends nobody can ignore in 2018

Before we wind up the last touches on Christmas campaigns, and slink off into the holiday season, it’s vital to take a look at how we can all improve in 2018.

Published on 05th Dec 2017 in Digital Marketing

6 of Ad:Tech London 2017’s key talking points

Last week saw London’s annual edition of Ad:Tech take over The Truman Brewery, as leading marketing figures gathered to get up to speed on the newest technological challenges and developments that face them.

Published on 29th Nov 2017 in Marketing

8 best practices that will shape insurance marketing

Advances in price comparison sites mean that insurance companies need to be competing on more than price alone to avoid a race to the bottom, which benefits nobody in the long term. But how?

Published on 13th Nov 2017 in Marketing

How to Use Call Tracking to Evaluate and Improve Close Rates

Attributing the number of phone calls to marketing channel source and keyword only gets your marketing and sales team so far. Ideally, marketing identifies and replicates trends for generating high quality sales calls from those channels to send the sales team’s way. However, if the overall sales team close rates remain low, the marketing efforts are vain.

Published on 08th Nov 2017 in News

A Day in the Life of... An SVP of Customer Success

In this series of short blogs, we take a look at the day to day lives of some of our key team members, as well as how Infinity is used in their day-to-day work. Michelle Garnham leads our customer success organisation, having led EMEA wide customer success teams for over twelve years.

Published on 03rd Nov 2017 in News

Vocalcom and Infinity partner to end call centre guesswork

Vocalcom and Infinity announce world-first long-term partnership mission to end uninformed contact centres.

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