Insurance solutionsInsurers trust Infinity's call intelligence to deliver lifelong customers

Comparison sites have given customers a better opportunity than ever before to find the cheapest option for their insurance, and purchase it in minutes. Infinity will help you keep them.

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Turn insurance aggregator business into yearly renewals with Conversation Analytics

There's more to an insurer than price alone, but do you know what's going to keep a customer when a better offer comes knocking at renewal time? Do you know what's helping to drive acquisitions outside of aggregator sites? Call tracking and conversation analytics from Infinity can help insurers answer both of these questions.

Are you effectively building direct relationships with your customers? Let Infinity uncover how to make your conversations convert.

Swinton Insurance use Infinity's Conversation Analytics

"We switched to Infinity to help Swinton correctly attribute which channels drive quality phone calls that lead to policy sales. Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite will also enable Swinton to uncover insights that provide an enhanced customer experience."

Gary Eggleton
CMO | Swinton Insurance

  1. Renewal What would a 1% improvement in your renewal rate mean?

    Improve communications during the sensitive insurance renewal period by using Infinity to understand what's working on these conversations, and power up your team accordingly.

  2. Acquisition What activity leads to more acquisitions?

    Many trackable steps take place before insurance is purchased. People come from aggregators, search, and other marketing activity, but the second they call you that insight is gone. Call tracking fills that gap, enabling smarter ongoing acquisition strategies.

  3. Expand What difference would 10% more cross sells make?

    Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite helps keep you informed of who needs what, and when. Greater insight on when your customers are due to buy other forms of insurance will make your targeting far more effective.

  4. Handling What would a lower Average Handling Time (AHT) save you?

    Immediately see a caller's previous relationship with you, and what they have been looking for. At scale, this enables huge savings for you and a far better experience for your customers as you are able to serve them more efficiently.

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Insuring specialist products?

Some things can be insured easily in a couple of clicks, job done. But what about large corporate contracts, rare items, or the final model of a vintage car? These may be great customers to take on board, but will often need a conversation. Infinity has a proven record of helping insurance marketers boost calls for these types of product by over 75%, what would that be worth to you?

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In insurance, safety matters

As insurers, your customers may share sensitive information with you over the phone. It's imperative that this is protected, and Infinity is the only call analytics provider on the planet with Encrypted SIP calls. We also assist in ensuring GDPR compliance, and our Conversation Analytics suite identifies payment details and stops recording to maintain confidentiality.

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Industry leading agency BeyondClicks use Infinity call tracking

"We use Infinity with all of our insurance clients, who want to maximise their return on competitive PPC keywords, and ensure that they have the full view on how their marketing spend is performing."

Steve Tarbard
Founder / BeyondClicks

Some of the insurance brands that already trust Infinity

  1. Swinton Insurance
  2. Marsh
  3. JLT
  4. Titan Insurance
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