Want to know why Infinity is the call analytics platform of choice for major insurers?


Get the peace of mind you need with Infinity’s call tracking for insurers

Infinity shows you what’s responsible for driving new quotes. By automatically monitoring 100% of your calls and matching them to their source, it will help you get the visibility you need to be 100% confident in your decision-making.


Sharpen your marketing and maximise ad returns


Strengthen your relationships with customers


Build a team of sales and support superstars


Nail compliance-friendly growth


Before the call

Infinity call tracking will show you which campaigns and keywords are leading to new quotes. You’ll be able to see which marketing tactics you need to prioritise if you want to sell more policies, and which you can drop.

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During the call

Conversation Analytics will feed you the intel you need to deepen your understanding of customers and your agents. By levelling-up your call monitoring, you’ll hear the unfiltered truth on your agents’ strengths and weaknesses, and deliver the experiences that ensure policies are taken and renewed.

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Monitoring all your calls in real-time will help you make QA headaches a thing of the past. You’ll save a ton of time and be able to flag the breaches you’d usually miss with manual monitoring.

With Conversation Analytics, pleasing the most stringent of auditors and nailing compliance-friendly growth will be a walk in the park.

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After the call

Smart Match pinpoints your most valuable calls and tells you how to drive more of them so you can keep your marketing spend on the money. With it, you can maximise the return you get on every penny you spend on advertising.

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Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite has helped us uncover insights that are key to providing an enhanced customer experience.

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Want to know how the specialist insurer improves lead quality and reduce the cost of customer acquisition with call tracking?


Of calls matched to marketing activity


More revenue
per call


Less wasted
call time

New to the world of call analytics for insurers?

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