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When attracting customers for a high-value purchase of a new vehicle, you have to make sure you're not wasting your resources targeting people who aren't likely to buy. To do that, you need a complete picture of the customer journey and how it's impacting your incoming calls. That's where Infinity's call tracking software comes in.

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Bridging the gap between on and offline lead capture

Call tracking bridges the gap between online and offline lead capturing, so if someone researches a car on your website, but uses the phone to book a test drive, you'll know it's the same prospective client. Infinity already maps the marketing outcomes of some of the biggest automotive brands, ensuring they understand which marketing channels drive phone calls and, more importantly, sales.

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Mazda - European Search Awards - Best Local Campaign

"Infinity's platform gives us a level of insight we didn't have, along with other conversion metrics to demonstrate the value of our activity. We achieved a 250% increase in phone leads, combined with a dramatic drop in costs."

John-James Harrison
Mindshare | Mazda

  1. Measure Find the activity that works, and what doesn't

    Optimise your marketing spend with Infinity by getting a granular view on what is and isn't leading to valuable calls further on down the funnel. This includes finding the PPC terms that are driving clicks but not contributing to sales.

  2. Local Use both dynamic and fixed numbers with a local number

    Provide dealerships with local numbers for all UK regions, and over 75 countries. For use in both online, and offline campaigns such as billboards, stationary, radio adverts, or flyers.

  3. Conversion Identify and catalogue booking and enquiry calls with Conversation Analytics

    Our Conversation Analytics platform will identify calls with specific terms that indicate outcomes. Save hours of manual listening time by picking out calls with the precise keywords that matter to you, as well as those where payments are made.

  4. Segment Split results by dealership, brand, or region for focused analysis

    See what's driving calls to individual dealerships or other custom segments. A granular view of your performance will identify where certain strategies are working well, where improvement is needed, and any local nuances.

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Rate call outcomes

Clearly see the results your marketing efforts have led to by recording the outcomes of a call when they come into a dealership. Connect our call tracking technology with your CRM to see what marketing output has been a touchpoint on the way to a test drive, vehicle service, or purchase.

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Multi-channel tracking

Leave no stone unturned by using Infinity's trackable numbers on all online and offline campaigns where you use a phone number. Numbers on your website can be dynamic, providing feedback on the digital journey of the individual over multiple visits to your site.

Meanwhile, fixed trackable numbers will show you the precise channel where a caller was inspired to call. Perfect for seeing who calls after viewing a brochure, leaflet, or TV ad.

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Leave no caller on a red light

Infinity makes sure that you'll never forget to return a call again through its Missed Call Alerts. No matter if you're out on a test drive, or with a trader, you will have all the details to call this new client at the next opportunity.

Infinity also records calls to help you fine-tune customer service. Assess an employee's phone manner, see what's working, identify any problem areas, and train staff.

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Joining the dots between online and offline

Infinity bridges the gap between online and offline lead generation. Our cloud-based software is able to track online goals such as the number of contact forms filled out, as well as offline goals such as the number of calls made to a fixed number from an advertising campaign. This gives you a complete picture of each customer's journey.

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Data Protection

Data Protection

Decide which users can see what sets of data, keeping your customers' data secure and only visible to those who need to see it. Ideal for automotive groups with multiple brands and locations.

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Some of the automotive brands that already trust Infinity

  1. Mazda
  2. Pendragon
  3. Sytner
  4. Group 1 Automotive
  5. Big Motoring World
  6. Cox Automotive
  8. TW White and Sons
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