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How did the automotive dealership group get happier customers while reducing their CPA by 63.8%?

Infinity have been absolutely priceless...

The Challenge

Every day, Pendragon receives thousands of calls across its network of brands and dealerships.

At this scale, every improvement on these conversations is significant and every issue resolved makes an enormous difference to both Pendragon and their customers.

But without knowing what happens on those calls, it’s difficult to make such improvements to the customer journey without vast amounts of manual listening and cataloguing. It’s also difficult to set and measure meaningful benchmarks for dealerships.

Failing to identify these insights means problems could carry on for many months without being addressed, and enormous opportunities are missed.

Why Infinity?

Having built up a solid two-year relationship using Infinity for call tracking, Pendragon were impressed by their reliability, service, and value. They therefore trusted Conversation Analytics to help them uncover the crucial trends on their calls and recommend steps to drive significant changes.

On top of the product, Infinity also offers an experienced consultancy team for Conversation Analytics clients, ensuring that Pendragon were set up for success from day one.

The Solution

Pendragon used Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite to pinpoint every call where key terms were used, along with additional clarifiers like where in the call they were spoken, or their proximity to other terms.



Working in conjunction with Infinity’s Insights & Intelligence team they started by creating keyword groups that would help identify – with a high level of accuracy – the outcomes of every call, such as a service booking, a test drive booking, or another query. These could then be segmented by individual dealership.

Once these parameters were set, it was time to dive into more specific queries, such as root cause analysis for specific challenges, understanding complex customer journeys, uncovering friction points in the buyer journey, and pinpointing common conversation topics.

Some of the challenges addressed by Conversation Analytics within the first three months of 2022 include:

  • Understanding how customers are finding CarStore’s rebrand and new buyer journey
  • What brands and stores were most susceptible to price sensitivity
  • Identified a crucial nuance in terms and conditions that needed clarification
  • Helping to shape message and proposition
  • Analysis on what is leading to pre-sales, post-sales, and service calls
  • Common web pages leading to certain types of calls

Infinity’s Insights & Intelligence team meets monthly with Pendragon to share these results and uses their experience to suggest next steps and future keywords to measure performance.

The Results

Pendragon now regularly use Conversation Analytics to help refine their performance across digital marketing, sales, and customer service.

Across three years of working closely together with Pendragon’s marketing and contact centre teams, Infinity has helped to power the following improvements for Pendragon’s customer journey:

  • 63.8% reduction in CPA
  • Improvement in TrustPilot rating
  • Increased sales and service calls by 12%
  • 30% decrease in rate of unanswered calls
  • 65% drop in price sensitivity on calls
  • Common friction point minimised by 66.6% at major branches

Pendragon will next be looking to expand their usage of Conversation Analytics to other areas of the business, as well as increasing the channels and sources where they will use call tracking.

What the client says

Infinity have been absolutely priceless. Their Insights and Intelligence team really has gone over and above when it comes to helping us gain clarity on questions we have about our audience, getting a granular view on our performance, and highlighting opportunities for real improvement that we didn’t even know about. Meeting with them is a highlight of my month, and my colleagues are always keen to hear about what we’re learning.

Owen Gill | Head of Digital Marketing, Pendragon

Learn more about how Infinity helps automotive brands deliver a better service to their clients and streamline their lead funnel.


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Pendragon is a major automotive dealership group based in the UK, including brands such as Evans Halshaw, Stratstone, and CarStore. They represent 23 different OEM partners across their network of retailers and generated over £3.4 billion of revenue in 2021.

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