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Southern Sheeting has been a leading supplier of roofing and cladding products for over forty years. They are trusted by some of the UK’s biggest construction product manufacturers, selling to all industries for work on projects big and small.

Setting solid foundations for improved marketing campaigns and seamless attribution models

Infinity was crucial in collecting and organising vital data...

The challenge

Southern Sheeting were investing in PPC, publications, PR, and offline marketing, yet had minimal visibility on how those channels were performing. Not only could they not see how much revenue these channels were generating, they were unable to connect when online activity had led to any offline phone conversions.

As they grew, they could not risk making critical decisions without any data to support them. Digital transformation was needed to avoid losing market share to competitors.

Why Infinity?

As Southern Sheeting grew their marketing capabilities, their new team also recommended implementing Infinity to tackle this challenge based on previous experience. They had been impressed by the team, the solution, and the improvements that they saw were possible once they could connect offline revenue to their digital activity.

The solution

After setting up call tracking to link calls to the journeys and activities responsible, Southern Sheeting implemented Infinity’s Smart Match platform to connect sales revenue and outcomes to every phone call. This greatly reduced manual workload, and attributed real revenue to the marketing activities responsible. By knowing where sales were coming from, they could make more informed marketing choices that delivered greater commercial outcomes.

They also used Infinity’s Hub to see the journeys that frequently led to calls and optimised the pages that were frequently the last touchpoint before a call, helping to increase the likelihood of a visitor converting to a sales call.

The results

Using Smart Match, Southern Sheeting have connected transaction values to thousands of calls and the journey that led to them. This gave them a clear view on what activity is boosting revenue and gave them the tools to show a clear ROI of their website.

Working alongside Infinity, they have empowered outcomes and changes within the business, such as:

  • 26% increase in average order value on calls from PPC
  • Optimised pages frequently driving calls
  • 12% rise in sales calls
  • PPC visitors are more likely to make a sales call

The increase in AOV from PPC calls alone represents an ROI on Southern Sheeting’s annual Infinity costs in just over a month.

Southern Sheeting and their search agency will continue to use the insights from Smart Match to improve their attribution model.

What the client says

The business as a whole wanted to go through a digital transformation, and Infinity was crucial in collecting and organising vital data to empower that process. Using Smart Match, we’ve been able to show the value that our marketing work has been delivering in places where we couldn’t before, as well as seeing how we can get even better results in the future.Jo Morfield | Ecommerce Manager, Southern Sheeting

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