How does Conversation Analytics work?

Conversation Analytics is a suite of advanced speech analytics tools. It automates call recording of 100% of the calls your contact centre agents make and take. You can then extract insights that will help you make smarter business decisions.


By connecting call outcomes to activities and behaviour, deciding where to spend, how to train your sales team, and how to increase customer satisfaction across the board is easy.

That’s why Infinity’s speech analytics tools play a critical role in the tech stack for marketing, sales, customer service, and contact centre teams all over the world.


The Infinity platform

Infinity empowers businesses to sell more, streamline operational processes, and optimise marketing budgets. Infinity is a cloud-based call intelligence platform, and an integral part of the technology stack for marketing, sales, and contact centres.

Integrating Conversation Analytics
into your tech stack

We've developed over 45 integrations with some of the world's leading tech providers. We work with businesses specialising in everything from behavioural analytics, bid management, and customer journey optimisation, to CRM, contact centre technology, and various other systems.

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Infinity’s speech analytics tools are very flexible. Conversation Analytics generated immediate results, and helped us learn a ton things we didn't know before.

Mark Woodcock
Commercial Director, The Telegraph


The benefits of speech analytics for marketers

The advanced speech analytics tools in our Conversation Analytics suite help marketers spot and capitalise on emerging trends that usually get missed.

By tracking call outcomes and understanding what leads to the ones you want more of, Conversation Analytics will help you keep your campaigns relevant and cost-effective.

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Ace your call handling and close more deals

Uncovering critical insights with Conversation Analytics will help you transform agent performance and close more deals.

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It’s been incredible to see the amount of data and insight we’ve been missing – Conversation Analytics has been hugely eye-opening to say the least.

Rachael Harker
Digital Performance Manager, Specsavers


Save hundreds of hours
by hanging up on manual
call monitoring

Manual call monitoring burns time and only gives you a fraction of the truth. Conversation Analytics will help you hear 100% of the story and make actioning critical insights easy.

With this intel, you can cut AHT, improve FCR, and get your contact centre running super efficiently.

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Improve experiences for customers, and your contact centre team

Make every interaction much more rewarding for your customers and your team with Infinity's Conversation Analytics solution.

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The best speech analytics software for global businesses

Because we work with global businesses, we’ve made sure our product is available in over 75 territories worldwide.

This means you’ll understand how inbound calls are coming into your business from all over the world. We provide trusted local numbers, so you’ll see which marketing campaigns are performing well and driving sales in specific geographies.

Conversation Analytics features



Perpetual improvement

Use custom-built scorecards to raise standards of service, success, and experience right across the board. These can be at agent, team, or company level.

  • Rapidly improve agent performance
  • Identify success traits
  • Quick, easy access in one place.

Payment identification

Discover the calls that drove instant revenue

Rrecognise the precise moments a caller gives payment details, enabling you to catalogue these converting calls for analysis and training.


Speedy set-up

Start seeing value immediately

Jump on the fast track to true audience insight with our built-in testing functionality and setup wizard. In minutes, you can spot the keywords that matter to you on all calls.



Constant discovery

Automatically highlight conversation trends before you know you have them. Use insights like these to improve service, refine your brand, and position your offering faster:

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Improve strategic agility
  • Attribute specific conversions

Call outcomes

Pinpoint the difference

Define the key words or phrases that lead to the outcomes you care about. Identify, score and log these calls at scale to understand what drove those outcomes.

  • Attribute outcomes to paid social and search activity
  • Identify successful calls to train your call centre agents
  • Optimise marketing tactics for improved ROI

Instant answers

What you want at your fingertips

Stop wasting hours of time listening to calls without finding what you’re looking for. Instantly find all calls with the outcomes and keywords you desire, plus the crucial moments.


Data redaction

Privacy protection is paramount

Detects and immediately removes sensitive details such as address and card numbers. Enabling you to record and store calls without compromising on privacy.


Talking points

Calmly improve first call resolutions

The mood of a caller and how an agent adapts to it can greatly impact a conversation. Talking points can identify the tone and eventual outcome of a call, enabling you to give nuanced training to contact centre staff.


Missing something?

Conversation Analytics is regularly updated and new features can be suggested via your customer success representative.


Conversation Analytics’ keyword spotting tool has a huge benefit, not only to identify sales, but also to highlight key themes and topics of conversation.

Cai Mullins
Head of Affiliates and Partnerships, Vodafone

Getting started is easy


30 minutes

Our dedicated team of Customer Success Managers and Support Specialists will work closely with you to make sure you get the best possible results from Infinity from day one.

We’re always on hand to provide solutions tailored to your specific use cases, and we offer ongoing support with regular training sessions to continuously drive value.


15 minutes

Deploy JS code to your site

Paste the JS code that powers our speech analytics tools into your website


30 minutes

Setup integrations

Use our range of 45+ integrations and easy-to-use API to get your insights where you need them


30 minutes

Testing completed by Infinity

Let our team verify that your installation and integrations have been set up correctly


2 - 3 hours

Set up Conversation Analytics

Set up your speech analytics tools in the Infinity Hub



Go live!

Elevate performance with Infinity. Receive game-changing insights from your first phone call.

Get started

Conversation Analytics pricing

Track, analyse, and optimise your calls with our advanced Conversation Analytics suite and flexible pricing. Whatever challenges your business faces, we're happy to dial up a package tailored to your needs.

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New Product expansion

Kick-start your installation with keyword packs

Unlock value at lightning speed by plugging in keyword packs designed by some of the greatest minds in speech analytics.

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Unlock value without lifting a finger

Pushed for time? Our award-winning Insights & Intelligence team are always on hand to help. They're here to help you get your hands on the business intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions whenever you them to.

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Conversation Analytics: Your questions answered


Conversation Analytics playbooks

Learn how to get started with speech analytics tools

Download the playbooks to uncover how Conversation Analytics answers some of the most common questions that marketing and contact centre teams have.

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