The hidden truths in every call

Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite unlocks the wealth of insights contained within each phone conversation you have with your callers. While our Call Tracking technology tells you what led to a call, Conversation Analytics tells you what happened on the call, at scale.

Keyword Spotting Find the calls that matter

Keyword Spotting in the Conversation Analytics suite automatically finds every call mentioning a topic or group of words. Calls can be catalogued and searched automatically, at scale, and within your custom parameters. Tasks that would take days to do manually can be done momentarily.

Payment Identification Pinpoint your payments

Locate and analyse converting calls immediately with Payment Identification. Automatically see when a booking or purchase was made on a call, reduce manual work, and discover what tactics are generating revenue.

The Telegraph

"When we're passing calls to our partners it's important to understand our customer's journey. Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite is very flexible, the results are immediate, and we are learning things that we didn't know before"

Mark Woodcock
Commercial Director | Travel, The Telegraph

Data Redaction Privacy protected

Whenever sensitive details, such as a credit card number or address, are mentioned on a call they are immediately removed from storage. This means you can store your call recordings and transcriptions with Infinity while ensuring the caller's private details are not compromised.

Hub - Recorded phone call playbar

Empower phone agents

Manually listening through phone calls to find what's working and what needs work is a time-heavy task. Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite plays an important role in helping contact centres optimise their performance.

  • Language identification on calls for legal and brand purposes
  • Discover traits common to successful calls
  • Train phone agents faster
  • Identify sentiment by caller and agent throughout calls
Flight Centre

"Infinity's Conversation Analytics has given us a spectacular view on what a high quality phone enquiry looks like. It makes it easy for our marketing and operations teams to isolate certain types of enquiry that we want to understand better"

James Boyle
Head of Digital Marketing | Flight Centre

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