What are Keyword Packs?

The infinity Keyword Packs are powered by Conversation Analytics which pinpoints when certain words or phrases are mentioned on a call. These are then batched together to reflect certain business challenges, outcomes, or insights.


How can I use Keyword Packs?

There’s a range of different Keyword Packs available, each geared towards helping you reach your specific business objectives. They’re ideal for analysts looking to gain deeper insights from call data to better optimise resources and the overall customer journey.

Why should I use them?

They’ve been collated by our Insights & Intelligence team, led by some of the greatest minds in speech analytics. Having Keyword Packs in place means you’ll quickly get much more value from Conversation Analytics by drilling into the things that matter most to you.


“The support we have received from the Insights & Intelligence team has been invaluable.
We couldn’t have run the project without them.”

Rachael Harker
Digital Performance Manager, Specsavers


Why people are calling you?

Once you understand why people are calling, you can drive more of the calls that convert, deflect those that don’t, and keep agents focused on closing sales.


Optimise the customer experience

Get to grips with what is and isn’t working on calls, spot the snags and quickly put best practice in place to leave every customer feeling happy.


Convert more callers to customers

Get a granular view of what’s moving customers through the funnel and identify common cancellation or refund reasons to convert and retain more customers.


Perfect agent performance

Pinpoint when agents aren’t sticking to best practice or the right procedures, and drill down into individual agent performance by pairing it with Agent ID.

Keyword Packs offer instant value

There’s a gold mine of invaluable data locked in your call data, and the Infinity Keyword Packs give you the power to unlock those insights – at scale.

Whatever your specific business objectives are, Keyword Packs will give you the answers you need to start putting the actions in place to help you nail them.

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