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Infinity unlocks clarity from the conversations you have with your customers. It is a cloud-based call tracking platform, and an integral part of the technology stack for marketing teams and contact centres.

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Uncover Insights in every call

Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite shines a light on the wealth of insights contained within each phone conversation you have with your callers. While our Call Tracking technology tells you what led to a call, Conversation Analytics tells you what happened on the call, at scale.

Call Intelligence

For Marketing

If your business drives sales via the phone, you need to know what's making it ring. By clearly seeing the journeys behind every call, Infinity is ideal for marketers who want to deliver real value with their work while identifying areas where costs can be reduced.

For Operations

Optimising the journey that leads to a call will lower operational costs without impacting your performance. Infinity also equips your phone agents with the tools to continuously increase results and deliver a better service to your callers.

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