How Infinity powered customer centric digital optimisation at Sky

  1. Discover the pivotal role Infinity played in Scott Dunn's global expansion.

  2. "The main benefit of having Infinity is knowing exactly which keywords are driving quality calls from PPC"

  3. "Going forward, we’re excited to expand our usage across more areas of the business, including integrating Infinity into our CRM system for a deeper level of strategic revenue attribution."

  4. "Knowing where our return on advertising spend is working best is a truly beneficial insight and has become one of our most vital metrics"

Customer success

Our highly experienced customer success team forms a bedrock for your long term success with call tracking. They work alongside you to achieve your chosen objectives, ensuring you are hitting the KPIs that matter to your business.


Infinity works in close partnership with major leading tech companies and agencies. We have over 35 integrations with other software platforms, powering seamless use of our call tracking data across platforms for our customers. Our growing partnership programme means we easily fit into the operational infrastructure of any organisation.

Hub - The leading call intelligence platform

The leading call intelligence platform

Infinity empowers businesses to sell more, streamline operational processes, and optimise marketing budgets. It is a cloud-based call intelligence platform, and an integral part of the technology stack for marketing, sales, and contact centres.



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