Infinity's Google Ads integration automatically injects insights from your call data into your Ads Account so you can see how your campaigns are really performing.


Instant delivery of goals and phone call data

Insights are served up in real-time so you don’t waste time when it comes to optimizing bid management tactics.


Sends revenue and outcomes into Google as Goal Value

Not all clicks and calls are created equal. Get a true ROI for your campaigns and keywords by sending offline conversion data into Google.


Record individual calls and goals as events into Google Ads

See which keywords work (and which don't) in the same place you configure campaigns and control your bids.


Track calls and their outcomes from Search campaigns

See which ad groups and campaigns encourage prospects to ‘click to call’, and which drive the results you’re after.

Get Smart and max performance

If you want Performance Max campaigns to perform at their best, you need to work Smart, not hard.

In four easy steps, Smart Match identifies your highest value phone conversions.

Giving you the insight needed to send Google super specific signals that make sure your ads are served to the people most likely to convert and spend.

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Increase in AOV on calls from PPC


Annual ROI on Infinity from AOV increase


Rise in sales calls to the business