Upgraded: Calls from Google’s Search ads get the full tracking treatment

30 Nov 2021 in

When a customer calls you directly from a search, you are at the absolute forefront of their mind. It’s a key step in the customer journey, and suggests very high intent to take action. It's also very common, as Google's research shows that 70% of mobile searchers have done it. Our latest pulse check also shows that calls to businesses have shot up 37% year-on-year as restrictions have lifted, highlighting the importance of direct communications between customer and brand.

In recent years, Google Ads has given users more opportunities to directly connect with businesses via a range of phone number insertions that advertisers can include in their ads. These include:

  • Call extensions
  • Call ads
  • Location extensions

Not only are these attractive, useful options for your customers to engage with you quicker, Infinity now provides you with granular insight on what led to direct calls from them. This update to our Google Ads integration also comes as standard for all clients.

Connect campaign activity to calls and conversions, giving you the benefits of call tracking directly from Google.

Google Call Context.jpg

Whenever someone calls you from these ads, you can now see which keyword groups, ads, and campaigns led to those calls. The following call attribution data can now be sent from Google into Infinity in real time:

  • Google Click ID (GCLID)
  • Customer ID
  • Campaign ID
  • Ad Group ID

Infinity clients can now set this up in moments, please visit our Campus to see how to set this up and immediately gain exponentially greater insight into how to optimise your Google Ads.

User privacy and data security are taken very seriously by Google. For this rollout, Google is limiting the user data it shares with third parties—all of whom have agreed to Google’s strict data security terms. For example, no names of callers are shared, only their phone numbers as they would be for any other phone call. Furthermore, data is encrypted and only shared with a call analytics provider if an advertiser grants them access. You can learn more about how Google protects user data here.

Growing visibility: 15% more phone conversions in Google Ads

One of our trial clients had found that over 15% of their calls were coming from fixed numbers directly from the search results page in Google. They can now see these calls as conversions in Google Ads along with insight on what activity led to the calls. Armed with this knowledge, their search agency can make decisions that help them:

  • Connect with more customers
  • Focus spend on campaigns driving desired results
  • Connect revenue to ad spend more accurately
  • Better understand the buyer journeys their customers choose to take

Infinity has worked with clients in both the UK and US to bring this update to brands and agencies on both sides of the Atlantic, with other countries set to roll out soon as well.

As a proud Google Cloud Partner, this latest complimentary upgrade to our Google Ads integration builds on Infinity’s existing range of integrations with the Google suite, including Search Ads 360, Analytics, Data Studio, and more.

Does connecting with customers matter to you? Speak to us

Businesses of all sizes have been using Infinity to bridge the gap between themselves and their customers for over ten years. This update to our Google Ads integration is the latest in a number of firsts that we have brought to the global call analytics space, empowering marketers around the world with our unmatched international coverage.

If you’d like to fill in the missing pieces in your customer journey, start a conversation with Infinity today.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

Product Marketing Manager
Andy has spent years obsessively analysing B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns and technology. Outside of his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox and his National Trust membership.

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