Spotlight, Talking Points, and Speedy Set-up: The next generation of Conversation Analytics is here

28 Apr 2021 in

If you feel that meaningful insight about your audience and how they buy from you matters, then exploring Infinity’s latest suite of upgrades to our award-winning Conversation Analytics platform must be an instant priority.

Many brands have been using Conversation Analytics for years to pinpoint payment calls, highlight where keywords were spoken, and catalogue call outcomes at scale. Their enthusiasm has helped us develop our next suite of tools within the platform, which are available to use immediately.

You can use these latest updates to unearth new strategic insights that could give you substantial advantages before your competitors, improve how your agents handle calls, and get started faster.

These ground-breaking upgrades represent wholly new opportunities for millions of businesses, as we become the first call tracking provider in the EMEA region to offer such functionality.

What’s New?

Spotlight: Uncover the conversation trends you didn’t know you had

Your phone calls are an honest, direct focus group consisting of customers who simply must get in touch with you. They will tell you what people think of you, issues you aren’t yet aware of, common product queries, and many other things you aren’t already looking out for.

Spotlight picks out the trends in every conversation, giving you expedited insight into the marketplace, your brand, and your next opportunities.

Talking Points

The best phone agents can take a challenging, unhappy caller, resolve the issue, and turn them into a happy, loyal customer. Monitoring and studying how they can change the call is a crucial piece of the puzzle in maintaining your profit margins.

Conversation Analytics now comes with sentiment analysis on every single call. Showing you where every conversation changed tone or volume, helping you pick out your winning tactics faster.

Tester: Refine your setup on day one

Testing the right mix of keywords to spot is something that can take months of iteration with other speech analytics providers. Infinity enables you to do it in minutes.

Our new testing tool enables you to check how well your keywords are spotted using your existing calls, helping you to refine your setup and scoring from day one. This will give you months of additional value as you greatly reduce your time to optimisation.

Wizard: Start today without any fuss

Our world class Customer Success team are on hand to advise you on how Conversation Analytics can help you hit your tactical and strategic goals. But if you want to try it out for yourself in your own time, then our wizard makes it easy for you to set up within our Hub.

Follow the simple steps to set up your chosen keyword groups, scoring, and privacy filters. By the end of the day, you would have started to build a richer, more useful view of your audience.

Conversation Analytics – How to use it

Our Conversation Analytics platform is an immensely flexible set of products that can be utilised by both marketing teams, and all contact centre professionals involved in the customer journey. Infinity clients have been combining Conversation Analytics with Call Tracking to work towards outcomes such as:

  • Increasing average order values
  • Reducing the cost of acquiring high value customers
  • Monitoring and improving brand perception
  • Boosting the rate of resolution on support pages
  • Training phone agents to upsell, close, and resolve issues more effectively
  • Uncover strategic marketplace insights faster than competitors

Conversation Analytics has a huge amount of benefit, not only to identify when sales have been made, but also to highlight the key themes and topics of conversation, which can lead to improvements being made to our digital marketing messages. This is something we will be focusing on, as we integrate more closely with Infinity.

Cai Mullins | Head of Affiliates and Partnerships, Vodafone

To give you some inspiration on what’s possible, take a read of the following:

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Infinity works with enterprise and agency clients across the globe and in a wide range of industries. We’re always ready to help brands extract more value from every conversation, start a conversation with us here, over the phone, or in the chatbox to the right.

If you are already an Infinity client then please speak to your Customer Success Manager to set you up right away.

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