Infinity Goes Beyond: Introducing Agent ID and Outbound visibility

3 Jun 2022 in

Take this scenario: you’re a contact centre leader. You’ve got a large team of call agents. Say hi to Bob. He’s a sharp man, always coming off his calls punching the air. You chalk up yet another sale. (He probably needs a promotion soon). Then there’s Stu, just as sharp as Bob, but he’s struggling with bringing in the bacon for your business. Bob and Stu are both hard-working - so what’s going wrong? 

If you don’t have the full picture of what’s happening on each agent’s calls, you won’t get close to finding out what’s making your top-performers do so well. And you’ll be left in the dark as to how to better train the ‘Stu’s’ in your team.

Taking centre stage: Agent ID and Outbound visibility

We’ve added two new features to our award-winning Conversation Analytics platform.



Both updates are providing an extra layer of show-stopping intel so contact centre leaders can:


  • Track and analyse every single call that comes in - and goes out - of your contact centre

  • Create better quality training programmes

  • Arm your agents with everything they need to close more deals

  • Give the ‘Stu’s’ in your team the tools to start having killer customer conversations

Staying on script: Conversations that capture those missing insights

Now, as a contact centre leader, you’ll know that raising your customer experience game is one big way to grow your revenue. You recently read that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer experiences so, to hit your KPIs, you really need to get a better handle on what’s happening on every single call. You need insights into every conversation happening across your call centre. You want to know if the training programmes you’ve spent sleepless nights creating for your teams are making any difference. Bottom line, you need to know if your team are ‘staying on script.’

So, you did your homework: and you’ve heard on the grapevine that Infinity’s launch of Outbound call tracking and Agent ID is giving contact centres greater attribution and can provide you with the tools to finally answer those revenue-critical questions such as:


  • “How effective was Stu’s post-purchase call?”

  • “Where can we tap into more upselling opportunities for Bob?”

  • “Did Stu’s follow-up call drive a conversion?”

  • “What are the main gaps in staff training?”


Outbound call tracking: hearing the other side of the story

With Infinity’s Outbound visibility, you're going to be able to track and analyse all outbound calls in the same way as you can for your inbound calls. Plus, you'll get a better handle on how your agents' follow up calls can close higher sales.



Agent ID: Making your 'goods' better and your 'betters' best

With Infinity’s Agent ID, you’re also going to be able to quickly identify which agents in your team are ‘good’, which are ‘better’, and which are the ‘best’. This will help you constantly make the improvements needed to make your ‘goods’ better and your ‘betters’ best. And all the manual labour of figuring out the next training goals or sampling random calls will be a thing of the past. 



Agent ID helps you:

  • See the outcome of each call, the keywords and products mentioned on the call

  • Recognise any upselling opportunities (that were grabbed or missed)

  • Understand what type of calls are happening

  • Filter calls by outcome to train your call agents faster

  • Identify the tactics top performers are using on calls


“We now connect an enormous number of customer touchpoints to give sales teams, IT teams, and customer experience teams actionable insight into how to make major improvements before, during, and after every call.” says Chief Product Officer at Infinity, Maria Psaltaki. “The release of outbound call tracking and Agent ID are testament to the creativity of our product and development teams. We’re now able to better serve the wider contact centre space.”

Every conversation, every agent, every time

Now you’re using Infinity’s new updates, your team are having more meaningful interactions with customers and your contact centre is now making a killing.

Remember Stu? He’s now punching the air with Bob after closing more deals than ever this quarter. And you’ve given Bob a well-deserved promotion (plus he’s supporting you with the staff training! Win Win).

“Our outbound tracking solution, along with our Agent ID product, gives our customers clear visibility on all of their calls, to build the holistic picture they crave,” says Warren Newbert, CEO of Infinity.

Want to find out more about how to take your contact centre sky high? Start a conversation with us to get started. If you’re already an Infinity client, speak to your Customer Success Manager about getting set up.

*Agent ID will be included as standard for any Conversation Analytics clients who wish to use it.


Andy Vale

Andy Vale

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