Infinity launches Keyword Packs: Answering your biggest questions faster

14 Jun 2022 in

Businesses investing in Infinity to learn more about what’s happening on their customer journey, and how to improve it, receive a huge time-to-value boost from our latest offering.

They pack a punch, but what are they?

Our Conversation Analytics suite enables you to automatically spot every time an individual word or phrase is mentioned on a call, with customisable parameters. This is great for pinpointing when a product, service, or campaign is mentioned.

Keyword groups batch a mix of these together with a specific issue, outcome, or insight in mind.

Our Keyword Packs collate relevant keyword groups together under a broader theme or challenge. These were made in-house by our analyst team and are ideal for analysts who want to start their journey pointing in the right direction.

Some of the keyword packs available include:

Call Drivers

Why are people calling you? Time to find out. This can be used for smarter ad targeting, for call deflection, and for optimising the traffic to your contact centre.

The Closer’s Pack

Want to know what’s moving customers down the funnel? This one’s for you. This pack picks out every call that converted.

Revenue Protection

Just as important as winning customers is keeping them. This pack is focused on helping you find out what’s making people cancel, seek a refund, or abandon a sale.

Customer Journey Optimisation

The keyword groups in this pack highlight calls that can help you improve the buyer journeys and overall customer experience. What’s causing repeat calls? What complaints are becoming too common? How many people are hanging up during the IVR before speaking to an agent?

Agent Performance

This pack helps you identify when your agents are adopting best practice and works excellently when paired with our Agent ID update, which now comes bundled in with Conversation Analytics.

Automotive Dealerships & Healthcare Providers

We have had many automotive and healthcare clients and have built specialised collections to serve their unique challenges and queries.

Caller Issues

A pack of keyword groups curated to help identify some common snags in the customer experience. Identifying these issues and cutting down on them will create a far smoother, more efficient experience that leads to happier customers, and more of them.

The road to enlightenment just got a lot shorter

Each one of the groups in these Keyword Packs took weeks of tweaking and refinement before they met our exacting standards of reliability.

Not only that, they were also created by some of the best minds in the speech analytics space and were road-tested on thousands of calls before we were happy to put our stamp of approval on them.

All of this means this means you can start getting what you want out of Conversation Analytics far quicker. Not only that, you can also amend these packs to suit your precise needs by adding your own custom scripts, products, or other keywords.

The secret ingredient is now yours...

Our keyword packs are one of the secret ingredients used by our industry-leading Insights & Intelligence team, our in-house consultancy service for our Conversation Analytics platform.

Chris Browne - the team’s leader and Infinity’s Head of Insights - has seen first-hand how effective these can be in getting you answers fast, “No two businesses are totally alike, but many face similar challenges and want to know the same things about their customer experience. We built these keyword packs based on what we were continually being asked to help with, and they have helped speed up how quickly we deliver value to brands like Pendragon, Specsavers, and more. Having seen how helpful they are, I’m excited to get them into the hands of our clients too.”

Chris’s team have recently been nominated as ‘The Most Innovative Customer Success Initiative’ in this week’s Customer Success Excellence Awards, based on the significant results they have delivered over the last 12 months. So, you can rest assured knowing you are using the tools trusted by some of the best in the game.

Let’s get packing

This update gives greater flexibility to Infinity clients looking to unlock the power contained within the conversations they have with their customers.

Our Insights & Intelligence team is still available for those who want more hands-on guidance and maintenance. But for those who would rather conduct the analysis themselves, this is an invaluable starting point for finding the answers you seek.

If you’re an Infinity client who would like to find out more, please speak to your customer success manager. If you’re not yet an Infinity client, please start a conversation with us today to see what your tomorrow could look like.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

Product Marketing Manager
Andy has spent years obsessively analysing B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns and technology. Outside of his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox and his National Trust membership.

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