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If you’re paying for a product or service, you want to see the results, right? Anybody would and that’s exactly what we help our partners do – clearly demonstrate the results they’re generating for their customers by helping them map the end-to-end customer journey, clear up their attribution blind spots, and deliver delightful customer experiences.

Call intelligence is fast becoming a vital part of a digital agency’s tech stack because of the powerful attribution and reporting capabilities it offers, meaning digital agencies can always position themselves as an indispensable value-add. We recently spoke with HookedOnMedia co-founder, Stewart Roode, about how his agency has been using Infinity to do just that.

HookedOnMedia is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency co-founded in 2012 by two digital marketing experts, Andrew Thomas and Stewart Roode. Both founders have a wealth of experience that dates back to the early days of SEO and Google's initial rollout of PPC.

As a Google Partner, the team includes experts in everything from analytics, creative content, and digital media to PPC expertise, social media marketing, and SEO wizardry. Together, we help our customers leverage data to optimise customer experiences and drive better results from online marketing campaigns.

Q&A with Stewart Roode

Why should agencies embrace call tracking as an integral part of their martech stack?

Stewart: It’s wise to include call tracking in your martech stack to prevent any major gaps in your marketing data. Call tracking integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads, so you can see all event measurements, including form submissions, and phone calls with their respective sources.

This integration offers lots of benefits, such as the ability to measure ROI and attribute calls to specific marketing channels. From a top-level perspective, you can instantly see which marketing efforts drive the most calls and allocate budgets accordingly.

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Which key metrics can you track when using call tracking, and what makes them crucial for gauging success and driving impactful business decisions?

Stewart: There are a few key metrics worth tracking, such as call source, cost per acquisition, call volume, call duration and call outcome. Among these, understanding the cost per acquisition for each campaign is particularly useful.

By comparing the costs of different campaigns, like 'Campaign A' costing only £3 per enquiry compared to 'Campaign B', which costs £20, we can confidently prioritise our efforts on 'Campaign A'.

To add to that, analysing call recordings can help evaluate the quality of leads generated by different campaigns because, after all, one high-value lead can be more valuable than ten low-quality leads.

Can you share some compelling success stories or case studies that showcase the tangible benefits and positive impact of implementing call tracking in businesses?

Stewart: Business owners frequently conduct value checks of their marketing activities, for instance, assessing the value of their Google ads campaigns. We can assist by providing a list of customer phone numbers who reached the business through Google Ads.

These numbers can be cross-checked with the company's CRM database to determine the actual value of those calls. This often leads to an increase or even a doubling of the Google Ad budget, as the call data reveals each call's monetary revenue and benefits.

How Infinity and HookedOnMedia help customers eliminate blind spots in the customer journey


If you’re struggling to get to grips with what is and, more importantly, what isn’t working – how can you optimise the customer journey? In a recent survey Infinity carried out on over 2000 UK consumers, around 84% of respondents said they wouldn’t return to a brand after a negative experience.

At a time when competition is rife, and we’re dealing with super-savvy consumers, we can’t afford for that to be the case. You need to make sure every single aspect of the customer journey is up to scratch. If it isn’t, you could end up losing out on leads and, worse still, returning customers.

We also know 2023 has been budget cuts galore and marketers are still expected to maintain healthy sales pipelines with smaller budgets. But to do that, you need to get rid of your blind spots and understand what makes your customers think – yep, this business is the one for me.

That’s why having visibility over the entire customer journey is now non-negotiable. Now, you might be thinking that’s a lot easier said than done. But, with a good agency in your corner and a healthy slice of insight, you eliminate blind spots in the customer journey to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Here’s what it means to get a clear view of the “before, during, and after” of every customer journey.





Call Tracking enables you to spot where every call is coming from. This gets as granular as the channel, campaigns, and even the keywords that made a customer want to pick up the phone. This in turn means you can make PPC budget waste a thing of the past because you can quickly spot which keywords are generating conversions, focus more resources on those, and take budget away from those that aren’t.

Using this intel, agencies like HookedOnMedia can help you craft effective campaigns and messaging that resonate with your audience. Improve discoverability with SEO-optimised content that reflects the search terms and language your customers are using.


Conversation Analytics is a game-changing solution that helps you understand what happens when customers pick up the phone – at scale. Understand the sentiment of a call, the type of things that result in positive or negative outcomes, and quickly spot compliance or service shortfalls. This means you can quickly pinpoint specific areas of improvement at an individual agent level and get everyone performing like CX experts.

You may also spot common queries cropping up on the phone that could be resolved or answered online. By feeding this information back to your agency partner, they can step in to optimise your website and create a content plan that enables customers to self-serve. Result? Customers can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, and your teams have more time to focus on delivering top-notch service to customers on the verge of conversion.


Using Smart Match, you can identify which marketing campaigns led to the calls that converted. This means marketing teams can quickly and easily identify the channels, campaigns, and keywords that are getting leads into the pipeline. Having these attribution capabilities means marketers see the fruits of their labour, can better optimise budgets, and can clearly demonstrate return on ad spend (ROAS).

Infinity also integrates with a large range of CRM systems which gives users access to a ton of crucial insights on previous or returning customer interests. This is golden in the age of personalisation because customers expect us to know what they want, especially if they’re coming back to you. As we mentioned earlier, you can’t just nail one part of the customer journey – it has to be all-encompassing!    

This also acts as a goldmine for agencies like HookedOnMedia who can use this intel to launch marketing campaigns that totally align with what your audience wants. As competition continues to creep up along with customer expectations, personalisation and hard-hitting messaging are guaranteed to help you come out on top.

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How Infinity & HookedOnMedia helped CF Systems    

CF Systems is a well-established IT Support company providing IT and Cyber Security solutions for businesses across the UK. As inbound enquiries were taken both over the phone and through contact forms, HookedOnMedia recommended Infinity Call Tracking from the outset.

Having call tracking in place gave HookedOnMedia visibility over which search terms and ad variations were generating the highest number of leads. In turn, this meant campaigns could be refined and budgets were optimised.

What the customer says:

"During the last 2 years, honing our PPC has been incredibly important for our marketing budget. Thanks to the data we get from Infinity Call Tracking, we’re confident that campaigns are optimised. We've never had this end-to-end insight into our customers' journey before. After a 12-month review, we could compare the inbound lead calls at a granular level and reference these against our CRM of actual signed-up customers.

We decided to accelerate our budget at this point thanks to call tracking giving us firm evidence that our money was being spent on quality leads!"

Martin Dinham, Sales Manager at CF Systems

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