The PPC feedback loop: a vital tool for your marketing strategy

23 Feb 2022 in

Most marketers will already be using PPC feedback loops to some extent. An effective feedback loop is a sure way to get visibility on the elements of your PPC campaigns that are either working hard or hardly working at all.

They’re invaluable as part of your PPC strategy because the data you glean from them can highlight exactly which activities are worth pumping your budget into and helps you identify the ones that aren't generating the conversions you expected them to. Ultimately, with the insights you collect, you can optimise your campaign performance and achieve much better returns.

Measuring the whole customer journey

The challenge comes where you're only measuring and optimising your prospective customers' digital trail. Sure, marketers can tell what happens when someone clicks their PPC ad, but how can you tell if that person made a purchase, left your website, or came back at a later time? What if someone visits your site and then picks up the phone to make an enquiry, confirm a booking, or place an order?

Without these insights, you’ll have no way of knowing which PPC activity resulted in that call. The phone call is a key offline channel that often get missed in analytics and yet calls hold a real treasure trove of customer intel that can make your PPC campaigns so much stronger.

Using Call tracking can add another layer of intel into the customer journey and can help you close the loop on your advertising spend. If you receive calls to make bookings, enquiries, or sales over the phone then implementing an automated PPC feedback loop will take your campaign performance to the next level because you’ll have the visibility on the PPC activities that are really driving customers from click to call to conversion.

Blue Bay Travel achieved a massive 174% year-on-year uplift in PPC bookings

With the help of Call tracking, Blue Bay Travel, who complete 80% of their bookings over the phone, were able to send their PPC campaign performance through the roof. The call data Blue Bay Travel gathered has empowered them to make smarter, more informed decisions, dramatically improve their PPC performance and achieve:

• 174% year-on-year uplift in PPC bookings

• 32% cost-per-booking reduction

• 62.5% increase in conversion rate of visits to calls

• Cost-per-bookings savings alone delivered a 4x ROI on Infinity investment


“Injecting goal events from phone calls was an absolute game-changer for our digital strategy, allowing us to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for paid search. Infinity's API made this a simple process, rapidly delivering real, measurable results.” – Tom Malbon | Marketing Intelligence Manager, Blue Bay Travel

From Blue Bay Travel’s results alone, it’s evident amount of untapped information in those calls is huge – but what if you could go a step further and get a deep understanding of the content of your customer calls to improve the customer experience and call outcomes?

The PPC feedback loop

Some of our clients are automating their PPC feedback loop process by linking Infinity to their bidding platform and CRM system. We’ve put together this infographic to show you how it works.


So, as you can see, a PPC feedback loop fuelled by call tracking data is a must if you want to make every penny you spend on PPC work as hard as possible.

The next step

Ready to maximise your PPC spend and boost your campaign performance? Every conversation matters. Start one with us today to unlock insights trapped in your phone calls.

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Michelle Param

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