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Platform Security

This article details Infinity Cloud's security protocols, data storage, compliance and server locations.

Application Level Security

The Infinity portal passes data via secure SSL connections. Furthermore, Infinity account passwords are hashed. If you lose your password, it can only be reset using the email address on record.

The Infinity portal uses a hierarchical permissions structure to enable various users to have access to single or multiple installations. Infinity users are at the highest level of this hierarchical tree, and are therefore able to see all installations. This enables our client services and technical teams to view and resolve any issues arising within the portal.

Data Storage

Client data is stored securely on Infinity servers for the duration of the contract. This data relates to call logs for all calls that pass through the Infinity Call Tracking system as well as call recordings where configured. This data is held on secure servers with access restricted to only senior development team members.

Data Centres

All of our managed data centres are based on the same security structure, with only approved staff members at the facility having access to the rack to be able to physically access the servers. In normal day to day operation, no servers are accessed directly, only when servers are updated or physically moved are these staff involved in any way.

The Infinity servers are accessible only by Senior Development team members who actively have a requirement to work on the servers. All non senior development team members have restricted access to the servers to ensure that the data on the servers is not exposed to more staff members than is necessary.

Infinity maintains servers in the following countries:

Data & Call Servers

  • United Kingdom (London)

Call Servers Only

  • US East Coast (New York)
  • US West Coast (Los Angeles)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • China (Hong Kong)

Infinity's Internal Policies

All entry points of access to the Infinity Office are controlled by security passcards, with the facility being monitored by security teams after hours and the facility being locked during the night. No data servers are on site therefore there is limited access to any data when at the Infinity office.

Within the office all workstation are set to lock and require a password to access the machine if the machine is left unattended for a period longer than 1 minute. Any machines that are mobile are also configured with the same timeout period.

Our staff are trained in our data protection and data security standards as part of their induction training, and are expected to adhere to the highest levels to protect any client data or access details to either portal information or server details. No client data is taken offsite, and where staff need to work from home, they use the Infinity secure VPN to access any client data, thus protecting any login details used.

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