How did Redrow unlock a 7% annual increase in qualified leads over the phone, and a fivefold increase in quality calls from PPC?


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Calls play a vital role in the buyer journey or people looking for property. By this point they are usually seriously considering a purchase, and have done their research. Redrow had a lot of analytics around web journeys, but no visibility on the vital insights around which of those journeys turned into calls.

With large developments all around the country and a mix of advertising across many channels, it was imperative to know what drove those calls in order to justify spend. Moreover, operating in a diverse mix of locations, it was key that those insights were relevant for each location.

Why Infinity?

Redrow had already been using a basic call tracking service, but as their needs became more advanced it was evident they needed a partner who could reliably adapt at the scale they required. Infinity’s in-depth, customisable segmentation options were chosen to provide call tracking data on multi-channel campaigns across all fourteen of Redrow’s regional locations.

Moreover, Infinity’s smooth, attentive onboarding process demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of Redrow’s challenges and how to approach them.

The solution

Addressing the challenge of segmenting Redrow’s data was a priority, with each development requiring 15-20 trackable numbers to gain an actionable vision on how all activity was performing. Infinity’s dynamic tracking numbers where implemented wherever possible throughout Redrow’s digital estate, while fixed tracking numbers were used elsewhere. As part of GDPR compliance, access to this data was also reserved to the teams who needed to use it.

Not only was this this data used to give a granular look at how their marketing activity was performing, but it was also used for audience insight at a macro level too. For example, a substantial amount of calls from Google My Business gave Redrow a precise view on how a growing segment of their audience are taking a mobile-first approach and which type of phone they are using.

The outcome

Infinity opened a big door to information that Redrow previously wasn’t seeing. Armed with reliable call data that tied into their activity, Redrow was able to optimise it and achieve the following outcomes in 2018, alongside a wider company result of a 16% rise in revenue:

  • Observed channels driving low quality leads and stopped investing in them.
  • Improved ROI from marketing due to clarity on channel performance.
  • 7% year-on-year increase in qualified leads over the phone.
  • Achieved a fivefold increase in high quality calls from PPC.
  • Increased the ratio of qualified calls from outdoor marketing.
  • Identified evolving macro-trends in how their audience engages with them.

The quality of calls received is now a metric used throughout the company. Redrow are now looking at expanding their use of Infinity to take advantage of call recording, transcribing, and IVRs to get a greater insight on the calls they are generating. They are also going to be using Infinity’s new hub, which increases the segmentation options and functionality.

What the client says

Phone calls are vital for us, and we need to know as much as possible about why people pick up the phone. With Infinity, we have gained a crucial understanding on who the modern customer truly is, and what leads them to call us. Our thoughts are regularly listened to by Infinity, giving us a feeling that our needs are taken into consideration during the development of the product.

Dominic Walker | Marketing, Redrow Homes

Redrow is one of the largest house builders in Britain, with over fourteen regional operations across the country. Founded in 1974, they now sell over 5500 homes a year, achieving a turnover of almost £2 billion. In recent years they have repeatedly won the Gold Award for Best Large Housebuilder at the industry's What House? Awards.

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