Highlights and Insights 2021: Sales

19 Dec 2021 in

Welcome back! In this section of Highlights and Insights, we’ll take a look at our ambitions for supporting customers with our call intelligence products. For many businesses, the intel hidden on phone calls remains invisible, and that means many revenue-generating opportunities are being missed. That’s why our new VP of Sales, Oyin Bamgbose, is on a mission to transform how to listen to, work with and tailor the best services for all of our existing and prospective customers.

In this conversation, Oyin tells us a little bit about what’s happening in Sales and what our customers can look forward to in 2022…

"Hello Oyin! It’s been a busy and exciting year for Sales. What has been your highlight?"

It’s been great winning key deals such as Specsavers, Ferrari & Carpetright! As well as implementing a new sales process to better serve our customers, I wanted to strengthen the foundations of the Sales team by restructuring the team and create a culture that encourages more collaboration, boosts performance and heightens communication. We’ve created PODs across our teams that mean our customers get exclusive access to a specialist in their sector, who has a wealth of insight and experience into specific industry challenges and who can tailor our services to best meet customer needs.

"What are you looking forward to next year?"

I’m looking forward to the release of the new products and the enhancements in store for Conversations Analytics suite. I’m also looking forward to supporting our customers to identify new areas of improvement and ensuring that they never miss any business-generating opportunities.

"What should our customers be most excited about?"

Our customers have so much to be excited about. I would say that the most exciting pieces are the enhancements being made to Conversation Analytics and the Customer Experience resources we have to support our customers – these will all be instrumental to help them achieve their business goals.

"Let’s talk about being ‘Stronger Together’, since the merging of Infinity and ResponseTap. What’s been your best moment as a combined business so far?"

The collaboration between ResponseTap and Infinity has been a fantastic opportunity for our Sales team - and for our customers. We’re looking forward to expanding our team with new hires and creating a Conversations Analytics focused team that will enable us to help drive success for our customers by providing them with unparalleled levels of insights to support them in achieving their desired business outcomes.

This is exciting stuff, Oyin! There are clearly a lot of things happening across the Sales Team that looks set to really connect and get closer to what our customers need. And Sales isn't the only department that has been experiencing huge change....

Want to hear about how merging two businesses into a single, unified company can shape the careers and aspirations of employees? Tune in to our next part of Highlights and Insights to hear from Emma Morrow, Lead People Business Partner at Infinity, as she lets us in on a few tips on how to bring your customers on the journey with you on any major business change.

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Michelle Param

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