Highlights and Insights 2021: Training

18 Dec 2021 in

Next up in our Highlights and Insights series is Infinity’s Head of Training, Lily Lawrence. Lily tells us about how Infinity’s training programme is being re-shaped to better align with staff and customer needs.

"Hi Lily! What has been your highlight of the year?"

At the start of 2021, I was the Training Team! Now, we’re a team of 3 and we’ve been delighted to now have the expertise of ResponseTap, Infinity and our new external hires. This has resulted in fresh new ideas, skills and perspectives, which has really transformed how we deliver training for our staff and our customers.

"What are you looking forward to next year?"

We’re making so many exciting enhancements to our products and I’m looking forward to continuing to help customers get the most from Smart Match, call tracking and Conversation Analytics.

"Name a significant team achievement."

We’ve had a number of internal training achievements – we’ve trained the former ResponseTap team and have successfully onboarded new starters on how to use our call intelligence suite.

"If you had to sum up this year with a single word, what would it be?"


"Given where we are today, what would make our 2022 the best year yet?"

It will be great to see our customer base continue to thrive, an increased number of our ResponseTap customers benefiting from our technology and learning to love the platform in the way we do. I feel we have set a solid foundation for our staff and our customers now and are looking forward to what can be achieved going forward.

"What should our team be most excited about?"

There are so many possibilities of having a double workforce; fresh eyes, new ways of working, new ideas and bringing different skills to the table – it’s invigorating!

"Any new training methods being introduced?"

Next year, we’ll be introducing more online training to boost accessibility and to add value.

Thanks Lily! It’s fantastic to see how Infinity's training team and provision has evolved in such a short space of time. Well, we’ve put our plans for customer experience and training under the spotlight, but what’s happening in our sales team? We’ll find out next time.

Michelle Param

Michelle Param

Content Manager
Michelle is the Content Manager at Infinity. She’s well versed in crafting content across a variety of sectors, with a specialism in technology, including cyber security, business IT trends, digital transformation and government IT.

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