Highlights and Insights 2021: Product

21 Dec 2021 in

In the final chapter of Highlights and Insights, we’ll take a look at what our (very talented) product and development team have planned for 2022, so, without further ado, introducing Infinity’s Chief Product Officer, Maria Psaltaki…

"Hello Maria! What has been your highlight of the year?"

By far, my highlight has been the coming together of Infinity and ResponseTap and how we quickly became one, amazing team – One team, one dream!

"What are you looking forward to next year?"

I’m looking forward to completing the customer migration and giving ResponseTap users access to a much more granular level of reporting, a whole heap of new plug-and-play integrations and a ton of other features that will make it easier for them to extract insights from your call data.

I’m also very excited about delivering the roadmap we have planned.

"What can you share about Infinity’s roadmap for product development?"

We’re going beyond call tracking. We’re exploring and developing new capabilities with our products, from customer journey optimisation, analytics, omnichannel and more - we’re taking it all to a new level.

"What should our customers be most excited about?"

Right now? There’s a lot to be excited about – the product team have recently partnered with Google on a UK-first exclusive new upgrade - this product launch has been a huge achievement as we can now offer even more granular levels of insights for our customers, to help them make smarter decisions about where to invest their marketing budget.

In terms of our plans for our customers in 2022... now that would be telling! All I can say is if you know how important it is for your business to be able to capture insights from across all channels, you’ll just need to keep watching this space!

"What’s been your best moment as a combined business so far? "

I loved our staff Away Day at The Shard in London! We were so used to seeing each other over video call so it was even more special to meet everyone in real life and face to face. It was a really fun and valuable experience for all of us.

"A new years’ resolution?"

My ambition is to accelerate recruitment to build and deliver all of the exciting products and features in our roadmap!

That’s all folks!

2021 has been a revolutionary year for us, and, as one company, we are definitely ‘Stronger Together’.

To all of our readers, customers and team members, have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Infinity!

Michelle Param

Michelle Param

Content Manager
Michelle is the Content Manager at Infinity. She’s well versed in crafting content across a variety of sectors, with a specialism in technology, including cyber security, business IT trends, digital transformation and government IT.

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