Google’s Upgraded URLs and what it means for your Infinity installation

26 Jun 2015 in

Google’s new Upgraded URLs

This new release from Google means that you no longer have to tag new keywords that you're adding to your account. The upgrade replaces the Destination URL field with a Final URL field, and creates a new field for tracking management. If you don’t use a tracking system like Infinity, then you won’t need to change a thing as the URLs will just be moved over into the new field.

Upgraded URL

The Destination URL field that you’re used to seeing is now a Landing page field, where you can choose to define a Final URL or a Destination URL. The Final URL is simply the web address of your landing page, where people land when they click your ad.

Later this year, a Final URL will be your only landing page option as the Destination URL is retiring.

If you have not already upgraded to the new Google Upgraded URLs, our new tagging macro will automatically upgrade you. Please bear this in mind if using any other 3rd party tracking within AdWords.

What has changed?

Google have now created a concept for tracking templates, these are to be used by 3rd party tracking providers, such as ourselves. We now move our Infinity tagging across into a tracking template. Destination URLs are moved into the new Final URL column. This means that your Final URL's (previously destination URL's) are not affected and your history will no longer be affected by tagging changes.

Previously we tagged at Keyword level, however this new method allows us to tag at Campaign & AdGroup level. You can therefore add new Keywords without having to individually tag them as these will inherit the Campaign or AdGroup tracking templates.

With the new upgraded URL’s nothing will visibly change to the ad copy on your account bulk sheet export, we did not want to remove our old tags as this creates a new destination URL and in turn will affect your history. The Ad Copy URLs will inherit tracking tags from the Campaign & AdGroup templates.

What happens if I am using Double Click Search?

Please ensure you upgrade your Double Click Search account to use Upgraded URL's prior to carrying out the below process. Upgrading via Double Click will enable you to use the new Double Click Search tracking templates.

Our Infinity tagging macro has been designed to work in conjunction with the Double Click Search templates.

Further Information & How to Guides

If you would like to upgrade and use our new tagging macro, please find more information for how to do so please visit our Support Site

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