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6 Jul 2012 in Tech

Content Experiments provide the ability to deliver visitors to your web site to variations of the same page in order to discover whether certain variations increase the conversion rate.

Previously Website Optimizer had several limitations:

  • It didn't integrate well into Google Analytics
  • The referrer information was lost when a Visitor was redirected to a variation page

The missing referrer information also affected Infinity, as well as Google Analytics and caused Visitors to be incorrectly tracked when they landed from a non-tagged landing source (i.e organic search or referring domain).

Content Experiments resolves these limitations by integrating into Google Analytics and by providing a mechanism for discovering the original referrer that generated the landing.

The original referrer URL is passed to the variation page as a URL parameter utm_referrer, along with an identifier that this is a content experiment with the URL parameter utm_expid.

Infinity has now added support for Content Experiments by reacting to the presence of the utm_referrer and utm_expid parameters and uses this information as the referrer.

This means that Infinity can now track the original landing source when using Google Content Experiments.

Chief Technical Officer

Thomas Parrott
Chief Technical Officer

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