The needle movers: Three steps for PPC to drive bottom line impact with Infinity

Andy Vale

By Andy Vale
13 Feb 2020

5 min read


Do you really know what happens when someone clicks your PPC ad? Sure, they visit your site, but then what? Did they buy, leave, convert, or come back later? A lot of this can be tracked, but what happens when someone has explored your site and picks up the phone to make an enquiry, confirm a booking, or place an order?

This is an enormous missed opportunity, as these callers often have bigger dreams and personal requests that need a human touch. They tend to want these conversations because they’re planning on making a big order that adds tremendous value to your PPC campaign.

Here’s how Infinity uncovers those calls and helps you efficiently drive more of them.

The starting line: Do you stack up?

Infinity has live integrations with a thriving ecosystem of platforms to give you clarity and control needed to deliver world class performance with your PPC activity. For example, here is a selection of our Google integrations that are already driving results for our clients:

  • Google Ads
  • Analytics
  • Analytics 360
  • Tag Manager 360
  • Campaign Manager
  • Search Ads 360
  • Display & Video 360

Read more about our Google integrations here. We also work with you to map out a solution that fits your goals based on the tech stack you have, and offer training to ensure you are on the path to success.

Step 1: Unmatched attribution

Infinity connects phone calls and their outcomes back to the paid channels that kicked the journey off. This works over multiple website visits and shows you which pages were visited, giving you the insights needed for a variety of different attribution models.

By connecting call data in Infinity to Google Campaign Manager, you can even see who saw one of your display ads and then called you at a later date. Seeing these post impression calls is an important insight needed for properly attributing your marketing ROI.

Close the loop on your advertising spend with full view of your customer journey, from click, to call, to conversion...

"We switched to Infinity to help Swinton correctly attribute which channels drive quality phone calls that lead to policy sales."

Gary Eggleton | CMO, Swinton Insurance

Step 2: Optimise conversion rates

Use this vision to continuously improve results. Take advantage of Infinity connecting many dots to ensure the outcomes you care about are linked to your bidding.

Some of our clients are even automating this process by linking Infinity to their bidding platform and their CRM system. The feedback loop below is a representation of what Blue Bay Travel has done, as the outcomes of their calls automatically influence Google Ads to tweak bids for better results.

This has delivered tremendous conversion rates and led to Blue Bay Travel doubling their investment in paid search.


See our infographic on building this automated PPC feedback loop here.

Injecting goal events from phone calls was an absolute game changer for our digital strategy, allowing us to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for paid search. Infinity's API made this a simple process, rapidly delivering real, measurable results.

Tom Malbon | Marketing Intelligence Manager, Blue Bay Travel

Step 3: Deliver a return on advertising spend

This insight enables you to present clear benefits from your paid search investment, giving full attribution credit to your PPC work and demonstrating the value it has brought to the business.

Of course, the work doesn’t stop here. Now that you can prove these results, you can be smarter with how you budget in future and act with full insight on how to make the needle move again tomorrow.

"Telephone conversations are one of the key engagements customers have with our business. Marketing departments are presenting the insights from Infinity to directors across the business to show how we're spending our money, what value we're getting from it, and what channels are working for us."

Owen Gill | Head of Digital Marketing, Pendragon

The results

Without real, meaningful outcomes, this is all theory. Here are some outcomes that Infinity clients across a mix of industries achieved after adopting this approach, as well as the links to their case studies:

  • 174% year-on-year uplift in PPC bookings and 32% cost-per-booking reduction (Blue Bay Travel).
  • 250% boost in phone leads and a European Search Award (Mazda).
  • 45% increase in leads off a 137% boost in calls from PPC (Ontrack).
  • 9% uptick in the ratio of visitors calling from PPC (Flight Centre).
  • 125% increase in budget for ad spend, justified and signed-off based on Infinity data (Answer4u).
  • 14.5% rise in the ratio of website visits to calls (Ramsay Healthcare).
  • 5x improvement in quality calls from PPC (Redrow Homes).
  • 48% increase in global conversion rate (Scott Dunn Travel).

Want to know more? Feel free to peruse our case study library here.

The next step…

Would you love to present improvements like that back to your company? Genuine, commercially relevant outcomes that show a smart, justified digital marketing strategy.

We’d love to be part of your next success story. Start a conversation with us by calling the number at the top of the page, talking to us in the chat box on the right, or dropping us a message here.

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